Vanessa Marano Talks ‘Switched at Birth’ Summer Premiere – Read the Q&A!

VANESSA MARANOSwitched at Birth is finally coming back to ABC Family with new episodes and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the hit drama series!

In honor of the summer premiere, actress Vanessa Marano–who plays Bay Kennish on Switched at Birth–chatted with press to reveal where her character’s relationship stands with Emmett, Daphne, and her family.

In the summer premiere episode,Bay faces the consequences of her unplanned romantic encounter with Emmett. Will she break up with Tank (Max Adler), or will Bay and Emmett start a new life together?

Meanwhile, Daphne sets out to find the person who vandalized her moms design studio. And Matthew continues to bully Emmett.

Make sure to tune in to the summer premiere of Switched at Birth on Monday, June 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

What is going to happen between Bay and Emmett this summer?

Vanessa: “I think Bay and Emmett fans are going to be very happy this summer. But of course, its Bay and Emmett, so theyre not without their trials and tribulations. Its a relationship that I think all the fans have been waiting to see, revisited and brought back to life. Now that theyre finally there, its not without its struggle. You cant just get back into a relationship specifically the way they got back into the relationship. It left with Emmett cheating, and they got back together with her cheating on her current boyfriend. So theres a little bit of a mess right now, but theyre together. Theyre in the mess together.”

Whats going to be happening with Bay and Daphnes relationship?

Vanessa: “Its a particularly difficult season for Daphne. Shes very nervous about her mothers safety now that shes involved in this East Riverside Project. In the premiere episode, Bay and Daphne team up to find the guy who threw the brick through the window in order to make peace with him so they know Regina is safe where she is. I dont know if thats going to go according to plan, but again, does it ever go according to plan?”

How does Bay address her new relationship with Emmett to her current boyfriend Tank?

Vanessa: “Bay has been cheated on. Shes experienced the heartache of it. She is very sensitive in that situation, and she immediately wants to tell him. She wants to break up with him. She wants to not hurt him. She doesnt know what she wants to do, but she knows what the right thing to do is. So shes being pulled into two different directions as far as her knowing she doesnt want to hurt him, but she also knows that he needs to be aware of the situation. Bay is feeling so terrible about herself, and Emmett having no way to really comfort her. I think what hurts the most is in her situation with Emmett, it was someone who cheated on her who cared so much about her, and she cares about Tank, but not in the way that Emmett cares about her. I think that brings up a lot of scars for her as well. The premiere episode is a rough one for everyone involved in that triangle.”

How will things continue to escalate between Emmett and Matthew after the Mandy ordeal?

Vanessa: “We find out a little bit more about Matthew and his reasoning. He is not exactly the most grounded, well-rounded human being in the sense thatthat may be with a little bit of an overreaction, but, yes, we definitely find out more about him and his motives behind the whole ordeal this season.”

Are there any special guest star in the upcoming season of Switched at Birth?

Vanessa: “We will be seeing a lot of the guest stars from last season in this season of Switched at Birth, as well as some new people too. Im not sure that I can reveal too much about whos coming on, but we love our guest stars! Were a big fan of guest stars on Switched at Birth.”

Whats going to happen with the families this season?

Vanessa: “As always, theyre together and have each others back. Thats not without their conflicts because the Vasquez/Sorrento clan is very different than the Kennish clan. Were reeling from Tobys divorce, so everyones trying to get him back up on his feet; as well as Bay feeling whether or not its the right time to tell everyone that her and Emmett have rekindled an old flame. As always, theres Reginas safety at this point in time just because the project that shes working on in East Riverside with her boss, Wes, is such a dangerous idea to the point where a brick gets thrown through your window. Its a matter of taking care of her as well. No matter whats going on in their lives, they always have each others back.”

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