RYN Teams Up with Chris Perrine for Stunning Duet “Wouldn’t It Be Great” (Premiere)

Rising country songstress RYN is celebrating the release of her new song “Wouldn’t It Be Great” this week, and Celeb Secrets has your first listen to the stunning new track before it drops on music streaming platforms tomorrow (March 29).

The country-pop ballad features fellow country counterpart Chris Perrine, and blends the Alabama native’s strong vocals with a relatable message that she says “can be easily placed into any aspect of your life.”

“To me, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Great’ is an inspirational song that reminds me that while life may not be where I want it to be, there is always hope,” Ryn tells Celeb Secrets exclusively. “While it is portrayed as a love song, it can be easily placed into any aspect of your life.”


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“Wouldn’t It Be Great” is the follow up to RYN’s most recent release “Helluva Ride,” which details her own journey of rediscovery and serves as a reminder to all who need to take that first big step into the unknown. It’s a prescient song – written before she made the move to Alabama – and one that speaks volumes about who she is and where she’s going next.

As for what’s next, RYN is gearing up for her forthcoming debut album later this year, which she confirms features both “Wouldn’t It Be Great” and “Helluva Ride.” RYN has seen steady success from her recent releases, which sets the bar high with anticipation for what’s to come from her first-ever, full-length project.

For those who aren’t aware, RYN left her old identity and her whole world behind in 2019, making a fresh start with a new name in Alabama. She spent her first two years releasing covers of her favorite songs, laying a strong foundation while she found her voice anew in songs like The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

A self-described “regular person” with a larger-than-life voice, RYN makes music for regular people like her self going through the ups and downs of life. She sings about miscommunication and forgiveness in the digital world (“Signs”); of not settling for less than she deserves (“Drive Thru”); and of finding a way out, even when you feel like you can’t get out (“Fall Like Rain”). Inspired by the likes of Dolly Parton and Jelly Roll, RYN imbues in her songs a spirit of empowerment and liberation. She tackles mental health and battling her inner demons, opting to embrace life’s hard truths rather than shy away or sugarcoat them.

True to herself on and off the stage, RYN’s passions for helping others extend well beyond music: She is also a dedicated medical researcher, pursuing her PhD with the dream of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. At home, she’s the mother to 7 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 horses, and hopes to someday open a sanctuary for farm animals. It’s not often the music world is graced by such a genuine voice and a down-to-earth presence: Someone who both walks the walk and talks the talk. Full of honesty, passion, charisma, and charm, RYN is building a new kind of country road – and she’s taking us along for the ride.


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