Oisín Sets the “Summer” Vibe with His Latest Release (Listen)

Pop/R&B vocal sensation Oisín is back with his latest single “Summer!”

The Irish-born recording artist and songwriter is drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Adele and Brandy, while crafting tracks that show off his vocal talents and sharing his story with listeners.

“Summer” is a track that will transport you to driving down the road thinking back on time spent with a special someone that maybe just didn’t work out.

Oisín shares, “I think all those past situationships/talking stages that didn’t work out inspired this song. I can luckily say there’s ultimately never been any bad blood and I’ve always been able to walk away with a mutual understanding. It’s such a bittersweet feeling when it doesn’t work out with someone but I think it can still be so meaningful when you can both look back and appreciate the time you’ve given to each other.”

Celeb Secrets caught up with Oisín about his latest release. Check out our interview below and be sure to stream “Summer” on all music streaming platforms, especially Apple Music, where it has been receiving a ton of editorial support on playlists like New Music Daily, Breaking R&B, Day One, and more.

You can connect with Oisín by giving him a follow on Instagram at @oisinee.

Celeb Secrets: Hi Oisín, thanks for speaking with us today! The last time we spoke you had just released your song “Happy Place”. What has been going on since then? How do you feel like you’ve evolved as an artist from “Happy Place” to now releasing “Summer”? 

Oisín: “Hi! It’s been quite a long time and I think the evolution has been pretty gradual but strong! On the music side, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and recording over the last few years. I think through doing so many sessions with so many amazing writers/producers I’ve learned so much. I feel like I’m at a point where I can walk into a room and have full confidence in what I want to create. I know I’m still so young and I don’t ever want to stop learning but I’m glad the process doesn’t feel as daunting as it did in the beginning! In the last few years I’ve also grown a lot on a personal level, and I’ve gained a lot more confidence which I’m so thankful for. I think it’s helped so much as I’ve been developing as an artist and pursuing this career, and I feel like I can really give it my all now!”

CS: Congratulations on “Summer”, we can’t stop listening! What inspired the song and what was the process of writing and recording it like?

O: “Thanks so much, I love to hear it! In writing this song I kind of recounted some flings and stuff from the past, not that there’s been many. But I have to say I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had any awful endings. So I really wanted this song to capture that bittersweet feeling break ups can sometimes have! The creation process of this song was amazing. I was in the room with co-writer YX , and one of the producers of the track, Ant. I’m actually lucky to call these guys friends now because I’ve worked with them so many times before and there’s such a great chemistry there. Ant was playing through some tracks and instrumentals as he usually does, and I stopped him on this one track. I was blown away by the instrumentation and I knew instantly we had to do something with it.”

CS: What do you hope people feel when they listen to “Summer?”

O: “If anyone can relate to the song then I hope it can be a comfort. But sonically I think it’s just one of those songs you can get lost in. I hope it’s a song that people can put on in their bedrooms, driving in the car, travelling or wherever, and sing along and just really feel it.”

CS: It sounds like you’ve been busy in the studio. How many songs would you say you’ve worked on and how do you decide which song to put out? 

O: “I can’t even put an exact number on it because I’ve lost count! But I want to say around 50/60 or something like that which is crazy! Deciding what to put out is purely instinctual I think. I love sharing around and getting opinions and feedback but I think when the gut feeling is there for something then you just have to trust it!”

Photo Credit: Conor Quinn

CS: Your voice has such a soulful element to it. Do you find it challenging to make music that is current while also letting your voice shine? What does that process look like for you? 

O: “I don’t find it challenging to be honest! I really try not to restrict myself in the creation process. I think it’s definitely good to keep up with the times but I’m glad I haven’t felt the need to change how I do things. I think from what I hear, people really love the emotion in my voice. I think those expressive and soulful vocals help tell a story, and I think it’s an essential element in my own music!”

CS: How does coming from Ireland impact your artistry or influence your sound? What is the music scene like over there?

O: “I think such a big part of the music scene over here is live music. It’s something I can’t wait to do more of. But also you will always find when artists come to play in Ireland, they are always blown away by the crowd. The audiences here are just so special and have the best energy. I know that from going to concerts myself here and I hope I get to experience that energy for myself on stage some day!”

CS: What else can we expect from Oisín in 2024? Can you share any details about upcoming music? 

O:“I definitely hope to release more music now after “Summer”. It’s going to be the kickstarter to a lot more from me. I’m hoping at some point soon I’ll also be able to put a full length project to follow! There has been a lot of behind the scenes action these last few years, but this last year has been a pretty big one. I’m very excited to announce some big things hopefully very soon!”

CS: Lastly, since we are Celeb Secrets, can you share a secret fun fact about what you like to do in the Summer? 

O: “I have to say nothing beats a day in the pub with my friends in the summer! Simple as that.”

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