Alex Bar Drops New Single “Can’t Do It Right” and Announces Surprise Twist

Pop music’s self-proclaimed trophy boy, Alex Bar, is just dropped his latest single “Can’t Do It Right” as well as the music video, and trust us when we say that you will be hooked after one listen.

“Can’t Do It Right” is a record that clearly depicts Bar as the whole package.  The song is reminiscent of the early 2000’s when pop stars were born. Alex Bar is not just a singer, nor is he just a dancer. He is all of that and more. With “Can’t Do It Right,” Bar is setting the landscape for future releases and telling the world he is an entertainer.

Bar reveals, “’Can’t Do It Right’ is that song that comes on at the club or a party and not a single person is left standing still. Being an artist, I want to make sure I can handle a big dance track like this, and being a dancer only makes me want to make this type of music even more.”

Underneath the song and video is the message that Bar wants to express. “‘Can’t Do It Right’ is saying that no matter what you do there’s always someone watching, so let them watch!”

If you like what you see, don’t worry there is more. Alex Bar, who also has experience as a creative director, shared that he shot two videos for this single. He says, “They both will see the light of day. One is what happens when you take control of a situation and don’t let it affect you. The other is what happens when it takes over you, and you have no choice but to give in.”

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