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Turning Autism Into Superpower: How Cory Singer Uses Neurodivergence To Write Relatable Tunes

To let out the emotional distress that comes along with dating on the spectrum, rising star Cory Singer penned some lyrics. As someone who struggles with feeling connected, he’s seen it all: school bullies, short-lived romance and worst of all, a stinging lack of acceptance. But instead of dwelling on these hardships, Singer leverages them to spark music that matters.

By conveying raw emotions from his own love life, Singer leaves his listeners with a genuine and relatable narrative. The verdict? People just can’t stop turning back for more! To keep pace with a fanbase that only seems to grow by the minute, Singer finds himself recording an EP less than two months after the launch of his latest music video.

In the tear-jerking video that’s already been viewed thousands of times, Singer gets personal. He stands alone while belting out the words to “Someone,” revealing his desperation for a long-term relationship where he feels comfortable being vulnerable. To pair some visions with Singer’s romantic dreams, the video highlights a happy couple as they run around on adventurous dates amid a city landscape.

Whether you’re neurotypical, neurodivergent or none of the above, Singer’s story of emotional longing is certainly something you can resonate with while reminiscing personal valleys. It’s really no surprise his relatable storytelling has also gained some traction via social media.

As an influencer in the autism community with millions of likes and nearly 200,000 TikTok followers, Singer admits he tries to avoid the pressure. Rather than aggressively shifting stigmas, Singer’s advocacy centers around telling joyful stories people can empathize with.

Singer’s unique approach to autism awareness has even earned highlights in People Magazine. “A lot of people come up to me and tell me that they wouldn’t have guessed that I am autistic. [But] when you are different, you are remembered,” he said in conversation with the world-renowned publication.

More recently, Singer took a break from recording his EP to chat with Celeb Secrets in an exclusive email interview. Keep reading to unlock major details about his quirks, backstage secrets and ultimate aspirations. 

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Photo Credit: Samie Bower

Celeb Secrets: Hi Cory! We’re so impressed by your emotive and relatable lyrics in “Someone.” Can you tell us about how your personal experiences influenced the song? 

Cory Singer: “I wanted to write a song my fans and friends from the autism community could relate to as well.  With Autism comes social awkwardness and thus it is hard to find a significant other. Someone who will accept us for who we are.”

CS: What was it like to star in your very own music video? 

Singer: “I’ve been in music videos before.  This was a good but very different shoot for me.  With the pandemic safety had to come first, so I worked with two teams one in NJ where I was filmed and one team in Nashville, TN.  It was creative and really wild to see the two producers work together to make this video and my team’s vision come to life.”

CS: Above anything else, how do you hope fans feel when they watch the video for the first time? 

Singer: “Not so alone. I want them to know that many people go through lonely times whether they have special needs or whether they are just challenged on the dating front.”

CS: Congrats on hitting 175k followers and over four-million likes! Since this is such a big milestone in your music career, we’re curious to know how you reacted to the exciting news. Can you share that with us? 

Singer: “Hey thanks! I am actually over 187K now and it makes me happy because it means my advocacy is reaching and helping more people. We have a great community on tiktok and I consider my followers more than fans, they are my supporters and I try to be their supporter.”

CS: On a personal level, how does it feel to be a prominent figure in the autism community? 

Singer: “Most days I don’t think about that because when I do, I admit it can sometimes overwhelm me. I try very hard to be positive and real with my followers. I am just grateful that I have this community because it is not just about me, it is about the followers and what we are doing together.”

CS: Aside from coping with autism yourself, are you ever forced to deal with any social stigmas surrounding intellectual and developmental disabilities? 

Singer: “Of course. Especially when I was going through middle school and high school. Kids can be mean when they don’t understand you and it was frustrating to not know how to help them understand. I found my way through that part of my life by throwing myself into theater. It was a safe space for me because it was a place that I was accepted…most of the time. They celebrated my acting and singing but also I can’t tell you how many parties I was not invited to, how many times I felt left out and alone.”

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CS: What are your tricks for staying motivated despite your struggles with finding the right lover?  

Singer: “I have never really struggled in the motivation department. I am a very driven guy and keep really busy with work and my music career.  I spend time on lives with my followers, it has become a social hour for many of us.”

CS: Thinking into the future, how do you aspire to evolve as an artist and influencer? 

Singer: “I am in the midst of recording my EP, I will be releasing a new song soon along with another video. I write songs continuously and hope that when the pandemic wears itself out I will get back to the theater stage as well.  I was in production for two shows in NYC when the pandemic hit, so it was great to be able to focus on writing songs.  I lost count of the songs I wrote, it was a form of therapy.”

CS: While envisioning your upcoming feats, do you ever turn to any celebrity icons or personal role models for inspiration? 

Singer: “Well my mother is one of my best inspirations, she has the motivation and work ethic of ten people. I have a lot of celebrities I admire, I guess for me it’s not about their success but more about their work.”

CS: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, do you have any secrets or fun facts about yourself that both your fans and our readers wouldn’t know? 

Singer: “haha…I am double jointed. If there was an olympic category for double jointed thumbs I would have won a gold medal.  I also lost over 70 pounds a few years back.  I was an emotional eater.  I met an agent from WMA at a gig in Nashville and he told me that I had the looks, talent and I was entertaining.  He also told me that I needed to lose weight so that I would have a chance in this industry.  I took his comments to heart and appreciated his honesty.  I live a really healthy lifestyle today.”


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Anna is a journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto. She also holds a Certificate in Content Marketing from The School of The New York Times. Asides from studying, she enjoys binge-watching drama shows and writing about trending topics in…

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