Alli Simpson Gets Dan Smyers (Dan + Shay) to Talk About Living in a Tent on “The Alli Simpson Show”

Last Friday, our favorite country duo, Dan + Shay, appeared on The Alli Simpson Show.

During the interview, Alli Simpson got the duo to spill the dirt about when Dan Smyers use to live in a tent in Nashville.

Dan: “I just threw it in the back of my car. So I moved there and there was no heat, it was like a really, really bad situation so we went to a thrift store down the street and bought $6 worth of sheets and made a tent in the living room…this completely doesn’t have anything to do with the story…but that is where we met, we met in this tent. That is how we kept the heat and it was a good vibe.”
Shay: “It was a nice place thought because they made the best out of it yanno, I walked in there for the first time and it was like walking into Narnia. It was a whole new world..

To find out more about when Dan Smyers lived in a tent, you can listen to their interview with Alli Simpson down below:


Don’t forget that you can catch Dan + Shay as well as Alli Simpson presenting at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards, which airs Sunday, May 1 at 7:00pm ET on Disney Channel.

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