Ashley Ryan Has A Thing For Cowboys In New Single “Them Cowboys” (Listen)

Ashley Ryan is showing off her love side.

Her new single “Them Cowboys,” written with Frank Stopak, Larry McCoy and Quinn Loggins, channels the singer’s 90s’-guitar driven sound that she’s most known for. It hosts a conventional country feel yet also draws from traditional influences. Now streaming on all digital streaming platforms, the new summer anthem confronts Ryan’s longing for a southern romance in boots.

She says of the single, “When I first moved here to Nashville as a teenager in 2017, I envisioned this town with a cowboy on every street corner, and dreamed someday I’d ride away with one into the sunset. Well, that hasn’t exactly been the case, but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t write a song about it! Doesn’t every country girl deep down desire to want a cowboy?”

The ONErpm songstress rose to prominence after her brutally raw single “Hush Little Baby” went viral in January of 2023 amassing over 30 million views on Tiktok and over 11 million streams on Spotify. Her punk/rock blended country pulled listeners into Ryan’s signature spunky sound, a sound that Ryan says is a substantial element in her debut EP, Too Far Gone.

“Too Far Gone” was a fun record to put out,” the singer told Celeb Secrets Country writer Brianna Vacca earlier this year at CRS 2024. “It’s super sassy and pulls out the Miranda Lambert influence that I have in me. I love a song that tells a story, so ‘Too Far Gone,’ specifically the song, is just me as an artist. I can’t empathize the sass enough. I’m a very sassy storyteller and I love putting the attitude in it. I love the spitfire lyrics. It’s who I am.”

Her debut EP, Too Far Gone, was delivered in January of 2024, and houses singles “Bad For You,” “One Tractor Mind” and shows the world the guts of her unapologetic lyricism. Ryan confessed that she learned a lot about herself during the making of the project and that it’s okay to let your guard down and tell her own story, whether personal or not.

She says, “It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to write about those harder things. Sometimes as an artist, you tend to want to put the best song forward and keep those harder things closer to yourself, but in reality, those songs do the best and that’s what people relate to. Be honest.”

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