Best Friend Alert: Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss on the cover of Vogue (@taylorswift13)

taytayTaylor Swift is known for being friends with several famous singers, actors, and models. But who’s her best friend? Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swfit are the most beautiful friendship we have ever seen, ugh!

Not only did they grace the March cover of Vogue, where they look absolutely flawless, but they gush about how much they love each other.

They played a game to decided who was the best best friend out of the two! Which I will admit, I’ve seen more than maybe 5 times! They stare at each other deeply, where they have to speak about one another, until one can’t talk anymore. Taylor Swift calls Karlie Kloss a “tall girafee” and gushes over her “shiny abs”! They describe each other with a single emoji and Karlie calls her a “Princess!” *heart-eye emoji* They arm wrestle and draw each other without looking!
Will who ends up being the best best friend?! You have to watch the video below to find out for yourself! We absolutely love this friendship!



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