Tarric Puts an Animated Twist on Music Video for Debut Single “I Had It Wrong” (Premiere)

Tarric is celebrating the release of his new song “I Had It Wrong” today (August 4) and Celeb Secrets has your first look at the stunning animated visual that’s an absolute must-see.

The alternative track, which melds a combination of new wave and classic rock hooks with lyrical narratives that reflect upon a deceptive relationship gone sideways, marks the Ohio native’s first-ever release, ultimately being a taste of his forthcoming album Lovesick that will drop in November.

“This song is about the subtle deceptions people engage in just before they embark on a relationship,” Tarric tells Celeb Secrets. “In the case of this particular situation, I believed every word this person told me about themselves before embarking on a relationship and that was a big mistake.”

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Wanting a visual to be something “beyond a relationship video with two torn lovers,” Tarric tells Celeb Secrets that he came up with the idea to put together an animated visual for “I Had It Wrong,” showing that a deceitful relationship could play out in an action movie.

“I really wanted to create something that went beyond a ‘relationship’ video with two torn lovers so I came up with the idea that a deceitful relationship could play out in an action movie.  If the two lovers are playing out their relationship while being chased and attacked, it might make for a more interesting music video,” he shares.

“Coming up with all the plot points for the action sequences was really fun. We really plotted out what would keep the viewers interest while still telling the story of a relationship,” he continues.

But his favorite part? Actually drawing out the different sequences and making storyboards. “It was a great time,” he says.

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Raised in a traditional Indian household in the Midwest of America, Tarric’s mother recognized his love for music at an early age, sharing hundreds of songs that he’d memorize by heart.  A respect for the craft developed as Tarric became especially enamored with deep and brooding lyrics specifically those from some of his favorite bands like The Smiths and Depeche Mode. As a teenager, he began singing and writing songs, learned to play several instruments, and performed with various bands throughout the next decade.

Tarric was expected to pursue a career in medicine—and was well on his way to doing so—until he got ‘derailed’ by his creative dreams. With just $4l00 in his pocket and driving a car that had 300,000 miles on it, he set out for the city lights of Los Angeles. His love for music eventually led him into film and television production where he was able to marry music and visuals together at places like NBC and Fox Movie Studios.

As he’s exercised his creativity in a variety of mediums he has consistently created original music and is now sharing it on a wide scale with the world.

Courtesy of the artist

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You can connect with Tarric by following him on Instagram at @tarricmusic and TikTok at @tarricmusic.


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