Exclusive: CelebSecrets4U Meets UK Boy Band The Vamps (@TheVampsBand)

The Vamps

British boy band, The Vamps, are huge hit in the UK and they are finally making a splash here in the US! The Vamps consists of members Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, and James McVey. Topping the charts in the UK with their debut single “Can We Dance,” we know that this band will definitely be the next big thing! Unfortunately “Can We Dance” is not available in the US (YET!), BUT their music video is available on their YouTube channel WORLDWIDE!

The Vamps have a TON of talent that is definitely not going unnoticed. They recently supported Selena Gomez on her UK leg of the Stars Dance Tour! 

CelebSecrets4U was invited to a private showcase in Los Angeles where we met Bradley, Connor, Tristan, and James! The band went “unplugged” and performed three acoustic songs. The first song was an original called “WildHeart,” which is about falling in love with a girl and wanting her! This song will be featured on their debut album that is slated for a 2014 release. The second song The Vamps performed was their debut single “Can We Dance,” a very upbeat and catchy tune that will have you up on your feet ALL DAY!

Why we love The Vamps: They’re British, cute, talented, and absolutely hilarious! Did we mention they were BRITISH!?! Bradley, Connor, Tristan, and James LOVE to interact with their fans and joke around between takes. Last but not least, they aren’t your typical boy band. They play instruments AND have an indie sound… What’s NOT to love about them!

After the showcase, The Vamps recorded a special message for CelebSecrets4U readers! Check it out below.

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Photo: Kennia Cardenas/CelebSecrets4U


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