HunterGirl Gives Us a Glimpse Into What Song Kept Her in Nashville (Exclusive)

Ever since her journey on American Idol came to a close, HunterGirl has been honing in on her craft, gearing up for the release TONS of new music.

After dropping “Hometown Out Of Me,” “Lonely Outta You” and some more must-listen tracks on all music streaming platforms, the rising country star recently took to social media to tease an ultra vulnerable song that she has in the works: “Ain’t About You.”


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The last time we spoke to HunterGirl was in October of 2022, but what has she been up to since then?

“I have so much to look forward to this summer… playing a lot of shows, working on a project, all new music, and I actually have a song on my project that I wrote by myself called ‘Ain’t About You’ that I’m really excited for everybody to hear,” the musical maestro shared backstage at CMA Fest 2023 in Nashville last month.

When asked for ALL of the details surrounding the forthcoming track, HunterGirl revealed to Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten, “This is the song that kept me in Nashville.”

“Nothing was really working out for me in Nashville at that time, and all my friends were getting deals [and] everything was going on, and, you know, I was just wondering, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ so I sat there on my guitar for about 45 minutes and wrote this song, and I’m hoping that anybody that hears it, it touches them,” the talented singer-songwriter dished.

Just a few weeks after our conversation at CMA Fest, the star-in-the-making took to Instagram to tease “Ain’t About You” to her 184,000 followers.

“I’m writing this because I want to share a really personal song with y’all. I call this song my 45 minute conversation with Jesus. This song kept me in Nashville two years ago, and little did I know a few weeks later everything would change. This song is about not giving up on your dream, whatever that may be. I think we’re all here to do something special, Let me know if you want to hear it,” she wrote.

After receiving TONS of positive feedback, she released a snippet of “Ain’t About You” on Instagram yesterday (July 19th), ultimately giving fans a taste of what it will entail. With just a tiny glimpse into the hot new track, we already know it will be a smash hit.

Since the song is clearly a personal one for HunterGirl, we discussed how she gets the courage to be vulnerable in her music and share it for the world to hear.

“I love being a songwriter. I love being an artist, but I feel like songwriting is where I get to talk about everything going on in my life,” the Winchester, Tennessee native spilled. “I feel like my songwriting is definitely a personal diary of everything that’s went on prior in my life and where it’s gonna go, and so I think just sitting in there and being vulnerable, I think about like how many other people might be feeling the same way as I am, and that kind of gets me through it.”

“I hope my music can reach the people that feel like they need to be seen at the right time,” she concluded with a grin.


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Aside from working on some new tunes, HunterGirl has consistently been on the road, with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

The soon-to-be country star gushed, “Being on the road has been awesome. It’s so much fun. Like, all of us in a van going to the shows and like loading the gear in and getting to meet the fans after the shows and having merch… I think just watching [my fans] respond to new songs has been so cool during the sets, and I’m just like, ‘Hey! This is a new song. I know y’all don’t know it,’ and they always hang on the ride and by the end they’re like, ‘When’s that song coming out?'”

“I’m really excited to put some of the songs out that I’ve been playing that are new on the road, and hopefully everybody likes them,” she teased with a smile.

As far as her plans for the future, HunterGirl revealed to Celeb Secrets, “I love being on the road. I want to continue to keep doing that… Getting on a tour would be really, really cool. I haven’t got to do that yet.” As soon as this dream becomes a reality, we definitely will be there in the front row!

As a whole, “I think like my goal going into 2024 is like just showing people who I am and figuring everything out. I feel like I figure it out every single day and take it day by day, but I’m looking forward to so much in 2024.”

While we anxiously await the release of “Ain’t About You” and the rest of the new music she has on the horizon, be sure to check out our full interview with the emerging artist from CMA Fest 2023 below.

To stay tuned on ALL of the exciting things she has in the works, be sure to connect with HunterGirl on Instagram @huntergirlmusic and TikTok @huntergirlmusic, then leave a reaction at the bottom of this post letting us know how excited you are for her new tunes.

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Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets…

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