Jack & Jack Have Definitely Grown Up Since Their Vine Days and We’re Not Complaining About It One Bit

Jack & Jack proved they are more than just former Vine stars at their Los Angeles pop up show last Sunday (June 18).

The duo — Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson — performed an exclusive one-night club show at The Roxy and Celeb Secrets was there to witness it all. According to Johnson, the concert sold out within an hour and people were waiting for over 14 hours to see them!

The duo has done a lot since making vines in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. For starters, they grew up. When they first moved to LA, the boys dropped an EP Calibraska, played shows around the country, and even collaborated with friends Nate “Skate” Maloley and Wes, Keaton, and Drew from Emblem3. Now, the guys are signed to Island Records and dropped a new EP titled Gone, which shows deeper lyrics, a soulful voice from Gilinksy, and impressive rap skills from Johnson.

Listen to Gone EP below…

After an hour and twenty-minute delay, the men of the hour hit the stage and the crowd went nuts. The reason why the guys were running behind? A missing Jack! Johnson apologized on Snapchat for the delay and brought some comic relief by saying that it was Gilinksy‘s fault.

The main reason behind the guys’ pop up shows across the country is for fans to hear Gone live. Jack & Jack performed each song on the record — “Distraction,” “Falling,” “Last Thing,” “Hurt People,” and “Two Cigarettes.” Gone has only been out for a few weeks, however, the fandom knew every single word. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

The best part of the night had to be the end of their set. The guys sang their sexy Zayn-esque “Two Cigarettes” followed by a star-studded “Like That” — Skate even came out to perform!

We love the chemistry the boys have while on stage. They actually support one another, which is sometimes a rare sighting for other musical acts. While Gilinksy sings, Johnson hypes the crowd and vice versa. They truly are a perfect pair! Timbaland has dubbed the duo “the future” and we can see why. The boys take command of the stage, making the fans inclusive in every aspect of their performance.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jack & Jack this year!

Check out highlights from the show in our exclusive video below…


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