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Meet Benjamin De Almeida: The Multi-Hyphenate Powerhouse Making Waves With His Comedic Video Content (Exclusive)

Despite being one of the first successful creators on TikTok, Benjamin De Almeida, also known as BenOfTheWeek, is STILL creating content that is sure to put a smile on your face!

The multi-hyphenate powerhouse has made waves throughout his time in the social media space, amassing over 11 million followers on TikTok and 6 million subscribers on YouTube with his comedic video content.

Due to his extreme success and powerful fanbase, Ben was even nominated for Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards this past December, a moment he says “blew [his] mind” and served as “possibly the biggest day [he’s] ever had.”

In an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten, Ben talked ALL about his beginnings on social media, his incredible fanbase, his transition into the television world and more.

He even spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding his content and plans for the future that you NEED to check out for yourself…

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When asked about how he got started in the social media space, Ben shared with us, “I mostly started on TikTok, just doing funny little trend videos and skits here and there, and then I kind of found this fun format of making a satirized version of my day and having random things happen that some people think are real, some people don’t know if they’re not real, and I had a lot of fun doing that.”

He continued and revealed, “Then I moved over to YouTube as well, and I do more kind of challenge videos on there. I’ll do like 24 hours as the Omegle box, just talking to strangers. I went to a furry convention. Just random things like that.”

As mentioned, these fun-filled videos caused the 23-year-old to gain a VERY large following, amassing millions of followers across his various social media platforms.

In regards to his fanbase, Ben explained to us, “The people that watch my videos are literally so funny and always leave such good comments and jokes.. If there’s like something in my nose, they’ll point it out, so I appreciate them for that, but also just for always sticking with me.”

“They’re really the best fanbase in the world,” he gushed.

As a whole, Ben’s goal as a content creator is just to make his fans feel happy!

“I just hope that anyone who watches my videos, it makes their day a little bit better. I know there’s a lot of media that people consume, and I just hope that the stuff I make brightens people’s day just a little bit,” he said with a smile.

When it comes to content he has on the way, BenOfTheWeek has big plans for his YouTube channel AND his podcast in 2023.

Drama Mama is my podcast. It’s a more stripped back version of my main channel. I just talk about literally anything that’s, you know, crazy in pop culture, or if there’s literally nothing crazy that week, I just kind of rant about myself,” he shared with us. “People seem to like it and I think it’s fun to have that outlet online.”

Aside from continuing his Drama Mama podcast, Ben wants to proceed with “working on little documentaries for YouTube,” much like he did with The Vegan Teacher in January.

He elaborated and revealed, “I tried it out earlier this year with The Vegan Teacher and just like replicating that for different topics or seeing where just the documentary format takes me has been really exciting.”

“In general, I love interviewing people, and it’s been really fun making videos specifically about just one person rather than me being in front of the camera. I do enjoy like stepping back and not being the thing that people are seeing for 40 minutes straight,” he concluded.

Aside from his comedic content making waves on both TikTok and YouTube, Ben is taking his career one step further by diving into the television world.

The social media sensation is now one of the hosts of of Nick News on Nickelodeon, a program used to inform a younger generation by discussing relevant topics of today’s world events.

“It’s been fun diving into TV doing Nick News, which is a news program for kids that has existed before and then we’ve kind of revived it to bring it to Gen Z audiences in 2023, and we’ve had some really cool stories,” Ben shared with us. “I’m just one of some other really super talented and awesome hosts, and they’ve done stories on AI, food insecurity, and then I do kind of like little fun facts in each episode, so it’s been fun doing that.”

“If you want some real good, juicy, fun facts, tune in,” Ben continued with a grin.

Overall, the goal of Nick News is to give children a platform where they feel safe to voice their opinions and question the world, and Ben is truly honored to be a part of that.

With his impeccable sense of humor, we know that BenOfTheWeek is the BEST person to bring awareness to important topics in an entertaining way!

For more on Benjamin De Almeida and his content, watch our full interview below — You can connect with him on TikTok @benoftheweek, YouTube @benoftheweek and Instagram @benoftheweek for updates on what his next exciting adventure will be.


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    Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country as an intern in May of 2022, she has also contributed to Holler, Music Mayhem, Country Now, Country Chord, We Got This Covered and Decider throughout her career thus far. When she is not working, Melanie enjoys going to concerts and music festivals, binging her favorite television shows, spending time with her friends and family and cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners (of course).

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Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets…

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