‘Narcos’ Star Arturo Castro Gearing Up for Premiere of His Own Sketch Comedy Show

You may recognize him from his recurring roles on Netflix’s Narcos and Comedy Central’s Broad City, but now, actor and comedian Arturo Castro is taking on his first starring role on a major network series with Alternatino with Arturo Castro.

The half-hour sketch comedy show, which premieres on Comedy Central this June, serves as a satirical look at the average American’s life in 2019. Sketches involving an incompatible couple house hunting together, a white woman who is only attracted to Latino men, and a young boy schooling his own father in modern-day sex-ed are funny in refreshing ways other sketch shows haven’t been in recent years.

At a recent promotional event in New York City, Castro, who also serves as the series’ creator, explained that he wanted the show to stand out in the sketch comedy genre as something a little different. But at the same time, he told Celeb Secrets, he strived to make the show one that people of all races, genders, upbringings, and political beliefs could relate to and enjoy.

However, as a Guatemalan American, Castro does utilize his Latino identity as the central plot of many sketches.  In the opening sketch of the very first episode, Castro portrays a Puerto Rican man in a crowd that President Trump famously (or infamously) tossed paper towel rolls to following Hurricane Maria in 2017. The sketch pokes fun at the president’s gesture, as Hurricane Maria victims appear to be magically relieved of any injuries, home damage, or loss after using the paper towels. Castro said he hopes to use his identity as a Latino man as cultural commentary on current events, and as a way of providing some relatable humor to the world.

Alternatino with Arturo Castro premieres on Tuesday, June 18th on Comedy Central.


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