Selena Gomez Crumples Fan’s Sign Saying “Marry Justin Please” – DETAILS! (@selenagomez)


Forget about Captain America and Iron Man – the real Civil War is between Selena Gomez and one of her so-called “fans”.

23 year-old pop singer Selena Gomez has been living out a new, Bieber-less chapter of her life, yet some fans can’t seem to leave things in the past.

During her Revival Tour in Fresno,CA over the Mother’s Day weekend, Selena noticed a fan flashing a sign saying “MARRY JUSTIN PLEASE”. Selena just couldn’t keep her hands to herself as she reached for the insulting poster,  crumpled it up, and threw it off to the side of the stage.

This sign reading “MARRY JUSTIN PLEASE” was held up at Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour show in Fresno, CA. (photo source: Twitter)

If that wasn’t confirmation that two are never rekindling the flame, I don’t know what is! But come on now, was that really necessary? That should be inscribed on the very first page of the girl code manual: never bring up a girl’s ex! I mean Gomez already made it clear that she “didn’t want to” perform her ballad ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ simply because she wanted to cut all ties to Justin Bieber, so why would you bring an offensive poster like that to her own concert?! Like my girl Stephanie Tanner always says – how rude!

DO you think Gomez over reacted or was she right for acting the way she did? Sound off in the comments!


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