Stefania Lily Is Here To Remind That You Are Not “Alone” (Listen)


15-year-old singer-songwriter Stefania Lily recently dropped her new single “Alone” and Celeb Secrets had the chance to chat with the artist herself to get the inside scoop on the track.

Written during COVID-19 lockdown, “Alone” is a beautiful and very sad, yet at the same time hopeful song. Its clever lyrics with a surprising twist at the end leaves listeners dreaming about a better future. 

The inspiration behind the song came to Stefania while she volunteered at a local food pantry and heard many stories of brokenness from the people coming to get food and other supplies. Many of the stories were of broken relationships and that’s when the song was born. It tells listeners that no matter how hard you try — not every relationship in life will work out — but the best ones will.

Stefania‘s gentle voice glides over the infectious melody, making music lovers have this song on repeat all day! The young singer is also working on EP that is set to release next year.

We sat down with Stefania (virtually) to talk all about “Alone” and inspiration process behind the song, volunteering experience and when fans expect the music video.

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Celeb Secrets: Congratulations on your new single “Alone!”  It is a very sad but at the same time hopeful and impactful single. What does this song mean to you and what was the inspiration behind this song? 

Stefania Lily: “Thank you so much! During quarantine, I heard many stories about broken homes and relationship difficulties. These stories are the real inspiration behind this song.”

CS: You wrote this song during COVID-19 lockdown when everyone was required to stay at home. Was that the time when you felt the most lonely? What helped you to get through it? 

SL: “Actually, I don’t think I felt very lonely during the lockdown, I had my family with me. What troubled me the most was the thought of the struggles others were going through. I was able to get through this by volunteering at a food pantry.”

CS: You are 15-years-old but it feels like you’ve already been through so much. A lot of teenagers have similar experiences of feeling lonely or unheard. Were you trying to reach any specific audience?

SL: “Well, usually, when I write songs I don’t think about the audience, I just write. I wasn’t trying to reach a specific audience but, in the process of releasing, I was hoping that those who felt alone, unheard, or even just having a bad day would be able to listen to this song.”

CS: Even though you wrote this song almost a year ago, you decided to release it now, why? Would you say that you’ve grown as an artist from the beginning of the pandemic to now?

SL: “When I wrote this song, I immediately knew that I wanted to release it. Even though I hadn’t released any songs till now, I do feel that everyday I am improving and strengthening my song-writing muscle.”

CS: During the lockdown, you volunteered at a food pantry where you helped many people get food and different supplies. How was your experience working there and hearing people’s stories? 

SL: “Volunteering at a food pantry was the best thing I did during quarantine. It was heartbreaking hearing stories of what people have been though but, it was also inspiring because many of them had hope and knew that everything was going to be alright.”

CS: Throughout the song, you are repeating that you like being alone but the end has a surprising twist, where you admit that you actually don’t like that feeling. Why did you decide to change the lyrics like that? 

SL: “When I was writing the song, I wasn’t planning on twisting the ending (the twist was quite a surprise to me). When I got to the bridge, I thought of what to write. I thought that there should be hope because in any situation there is always hope. And the lyrics just sort of poured out of me.”

Courtesy of the artist

CS: How do you feel the Internet has impacted your music career? You have over 50K followers on Instagram, which is very impressive. 

SL: “Thank you, you’re very kind! The internet has impacted me so much. I met many wonderful people over the internet. My followers have helped me tremendously! They make me more brave, encourage me to do what I love and not give up. They are the best! I’m so thankful to all of them for supporting me and listening to my music.”

CS: What was the reaction from your fans on “Alone?” How did you feel when you saw the feedback? 

SL: “The feedback was over whelming. Many listeners wrote comments telling me how often they listen to the song, where they listen to it, how much they connect to it. I really enjoy hearing all that they have to say and it makes me all the more excited to release more.”

CS: What advice would you give to someone who is feeling lonely?

SL: “There are many things that you can do but what I’ll say is do what you love and, on the way, you’ll find someone else who shares the same interests. If you like something, there are sure to be others who have the same interests. There is a friend for everyone.”

CS: Can fans anticipate a music video for “Alone?”

SL: “I was actually thinking about this the other day! I am planning to film a music video for Alone so stay tuned!”

CS: Beyond “Alone,” do you have plans to release more music this year? If so, what can fans anticipate?

SL: “I am definitely going to release some music soon. I’m also working on releasing an EP in 2022!”

CS:  Lastly, since we are Celeb Secrets, can you share any secrets (fun facts) about yourself or your music that fans wouldn’t know?

SL: “Hmm…one fun fact about me is that my ears….are….not pierced.”


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Mary is a media intern at Celeb Secrets. She recently graduated Columbia College Chicago and is now working on what she loves the most - entertainment news. When not reporting on the latest news, she enjoys traveling, watching tv shows and experimenting…

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