‘The Bachelor’ Season 25: The Most Emotional And Dramatic “Women Tell All” Yet (Recap)

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Never-Before-Scene Footage LEAKED During “The Women Tell All”

In the mix of all the fighting and tears, Chris Harrison surprised Bachelor Nation with new footage that never made the big screen. Some of the challenges included a blindfolded group date, where the women had to reach into a box full of insects to grab a wedding ring. Another group date was a fun game of hide and seek in the middle of the woods, and last but not least a weird eating contest. The women on this unique date had to eat a handful of pancakes, drink a pint of beer, and swallow a raw egg…. Thank goodness these dates didn’t make the cut.

Throughout the night, Chris and all the ladies teased the Bachelor about his long black beard and how he kisses with his eyes open. Matt James even admitted that kissing with his eyes open is a very “creepy thing to do.” Now, at least Bachelor Nation is all on the same page about one thing.


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