‘The Bachelor’ Season 25: The Most Emotional And Dramatic “Women Tell All” Yet (Recap)

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Victoria Larson Gets Called Out For Her Bullying-Like Actions

Let’s start with the “queen” Victoria Larson who did not truly apologize for her poor actions that were displayed weekly. Larson was known as the “villain” of this season and during “The Women Tell All,” she admitted that she was “sorry” for saying hurtful things to the women in the house. BUT — she still questioned why the girls were still angry and holding on to the pain she caused them.

While the season was in full-swing, Victoria received hate and death threats on social media. Therefore, the topic surrounding cyber-bullying was brought up during the heated conversation. Katie, who has a good head on her shoulders, called Victoria out for her bully-like behavior on the show and said that while she doesn’t condone the death threats, she understands why Victoria is receiving hate messages on social media, as it is a consequence of her own actions.


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