‘The Bachelor’ Season 25: The Most Emotional And Dramatic “Women Tell All” Yet (Recap)

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Serena P. Doesn’t Regret Going Home

Serena P. did not hesitate to reflect back on her breakup with Matt James during “The Women Tell All.” When the spotlight was on Serena, she shared her reasons for choosing to part ways after hometowns.

“There were so many times I thought it could be him and I if I’m being honest,” says Serena. “There was a very large part of this journey that I saw it being Matt and me at the end, and I was so hopeful for that for us.” Serena shared that she felt great about the relationship going into hometowns and she expected her feelings to be reinforced by her family. However, for everyone who watched hometown dates, we all know that was not the case.

“Talking to my mom, it brought clarity, it just wasn’t the clarity I was hoping to get that day,” she adds. She told Chris Harrison that Matt deserved to be with someone who was sure they wanted to be with him. As she got choked up in the hot seat, she made it clear that she doesn’t regret sending herself home.


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