Tigirlily Gold’s Single “Shoot Tequila” Hits Country Radio, and It ‘Captures That Honky Tonk Energy’ (Exclusive)

With their new song “Shoot Tequila” climbing the charts AND playing on nearly 50 different country radio stations, Tigirlily Gold clearly has a bright future ahead 🤩

“As artists you go in cycles of writing, recording, touring, and I feel like this year is such a big, like, launch year, which is super exciting,” Kendra Slaubaugh, half of the sister duo, revealed to Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder in an exclusive interview.

We caught up with both Kendra AND Krista Slaubaugh at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville last month, where they spilled everything surrounding the hot new track, their exciting radio debut, their plans for the future and more.

“Shoot Tequila” serves as the country duo’s first radio single ever, and we are beyond proud of how far Kendra and Krista have come since kickstarting their music career 10 years ago.

“It’s unbelievable to us that, you know, we have a song at country radio. We’re so grateful,” Kendra shared. “We’ve been a duo for 10 years, it feels like it’s time definitely, but also just so humbled and grateful by the reaction to this song and, you know, hoping for that number one!”

“We’re just grateful for every opportunity that’s thrown our way,” she continued passionately. “We want to work really hard for everything we get in this industry, and we know it’s a long journey ahead, but we’re willing to put in the work and excited for the next 10 years.”

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As for “Shoot Tequila” itself, the girls “wanted to capture that honky tonk energy in a song.”

“We’ve been playing it out live for a year now. We wrote it over a year ago, and every time we play it, it’s such a crowd pleaser. People are singing to the ‘one tequila, two tequila, three tequila’ part by the end, and we knew we had to record it just on how people were responding to it live,” Krista revealed.

“We want people to just laugh and have a good time with it. Hopefully it gets people out on the dance floor doing a little line dance,” Kendra added with a giggle.

As for how this hot new track came to be, Kendra says that it was inspired by Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush‘s duo Sugarland‘s smash hit “Stuck Like Glue.”

“The co-writer, Kevin Griffin, he wrote the song with David Mascon. Kevin wrote ‘Stuck Like Glue’ and we were telling him how we love that song so much, and he brought out this little cigar guitar box thing and he was like, ‘This is what we used to write ‘Stuck Like Glue.’ Let’s use it to write ‘Shoot Tequila,” so I think there was some magic in there that day,” she continued with a smirk.

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Lucky for fans everywhere, “Shoot Tequila” is just a glimpse into everything the North Dakota natives have in store!

“We have a lot of new music coming out,” Kendra teased. “‘Shoot Tequila’ is basically the first release of many to come this year. We have a song called ‘Blonde‘ coming out end of this month, and actually we have an EP coming out in a few months and that will turn into a record.”

“We’re very excited about all the music we worked on last year finally coming out this year,” she continued passionately. “It’s definitely similar from the last EP we released, but a lot more bold and mature, and I think as we get older we’re just less scared to say whatever’s on our minds, so you’ll definitely hear that.”

We are so excited for this raw, authentic project to drop, and we can’t wait to see what the country duo’s new EP has in store — It is sure to be a smash hit!

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After moving to Nashville and landing a weekly residence at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, Tigirlily Gold is no stranger to live performances either — The sister duo is even going global!

At C2C Festival at the iconic O2 Arena in London last month, “[the crowd] knew every word to [‘Shoot Tequila’]. They were yelling at back at us, ‘Tigirlily Gold Shoot Tequila!’ We will definitely be going back to the UK because they were so awesome,” Krista shared.

Fortunately, C2C Festival is just a glimpse into everything Tigirlily Gold has in store.

“We’d love to play the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. That’s definitely on our bucket list. We’d love to be an opening act for a major tour. We have so many artists we look up to,” Krista revealed as some of Tigirlily Gold’s major goals for the future.

“We’d even love to do our own tour,” Kendra added with a smile. “There’s so many things we have to and want to accomplish.”

We can’t wait to see Tigirlily Gold grow throughout the rest of 2023, but until we can stream some brand new tunes from the sister duo, be sure to check out our full interview with them from Country Radio Seminar below.

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With reporting credit by Juliet Schroder. For more coverage from the 2023 Country Radio Seminar, click HERE


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Originally from Southern California and currently residing in Music City, Melanie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism before beginning her career as a music and entertainment journalist. Beginning to work for Celeb Secrets…

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