Watch the Trailer for Steve Aoki’s Netflix Documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

Next month, many new documentaries will be making their Netflix debut including the highly anticipated introspective doc I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. The film follows one of the most popular DJs to date – Steve Aoki.

As he gears up for the biggest show of his career, this film will give the audience a closer look at the person who is the sole source of why Aoki is the success he is today – his father Rocky Aoki. Rocky Aoki is not only Steve’s looming father figure, but he was also a daredevil showman and the founder of the popular Japanese cuisine restaurant chain, Benihana.

Rocky Aoki (or Hiroaki Aoki as he is known in Japanese) was quite an extraordinary man to say the least. He first started out as a musician with a couple of his friends. He eventually moved from music to sports as he competed in karate, track and field, and wrestling. Not long after, Rocky was expelled for fighting, but that however didn’t phase him as he went on to qualify for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Unfortunately, he turned down the opportunity.

After putting his athletic lifestyle on a shelf, he began to pursue a career in the food industry by working countless hours in an ice cream truck. When he finally saved up enough money, he persuaded his father into co-investing into a teppanyaki-style restaurant in New York which would become the first Benihana restaurant. Hiroaki Aoki died of pneumonia on July 10, 2008.

The amazing documentary will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix August 19. Check out the trailer below and mark your calendars!


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