CelebSecrets4U’s Q&A with Kermit the Frog!

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In honor of The Muppets premiere weekend, we’re giving you exclusive photos and Q&A’s from some of your fav stars from the film! Today, we have Kermit the Frog. Check out what he has to say about the film below.

Why should audiences see Disneys The Muppets?

Its funny, upbeat and full of laughs for everyone frogs, pigs, bears even people.

For new fans, its a chance to see the Muppets in action on the big screen. And for old fans, its a chance to get together with old friends and get a little crazy together.

What is Disneys The Muppets about?

Well, its the story of this incredible Muppet fan named Walter who comes to Hollywood to meet us and ends up having to get all the Muppets back together to put on a show and save Muppet Studios.

I guess its the first Muppet movie thats really from the point of view of a fan. Jason Segel, who is a really big Muppet fan in real life, co-wrote the movie. He wanted to show what it would be like if the worlds biggest Muppet fanalong with his brother Gary (played by Jason) and friend Mary (played by Amy Adams)came to Hollywood to meet us.

What is your role in Disneys The Muppets?

I play me, Kermit the Frog. Ive played other parts, like Bob Crachit in A Muppet Christmas Carol and Captain Smollett in Muppet Treasure Island, but I think me is my favorite part.

Playing a frog named Kermit might be type casting, but there arent a lot of great parts for amphibians, so I was happy to get the part.

In the movieand in life, reallyIm a humble frog in Hollywood who wants to get back together with his friends and keep entertaining people.

How does your life differ from the characters you play in the films?

Well, on the big screen. Im 16 feet tall. But in real life, its closer to 18 inches. So, Id have to say the biggest difference is more heightand better lighting.

Seriously, though, my life on screen and off screen is about the same. In real life and on film, Im surrounded by chaos, craziness, and romantic pigsjust like any other Hollywood star.

Why did you want to take part in this film?

I understand they considered other actorsGeorge Clooney, Tom Hanks. But in the end, when it comes to playing short, green and amphibious, Im still Hollywoods go-to guy. According to director James Bobin, when I read for the role of me, I nailed it.

What is the funniest scene in the film?

I like the scene where everything goes crazy and no one knows what to do. Its total mad chaos..Hmm, come to think of it, that describes most of the movie.

I cant pick JUST one sceneall the other scenes would get jealous. But I really do like the big finale. Lots of singing, dancing, laughing and, I dont want to spoil it, but its happy, too.

What was it like working opposite Jason Segel?

Jason is not only a great comedian, but as a co-writer of the movie, hes great to work with. If you forget your lines, he can make up new ones.

Jasons a swell guy. He really loved the Muppets before we worked togetherand he still loves us after. Thats a true fan. And he has such a fantastic sense of humor. He can find funny everywhere even in Fozzies act.

Chris Cooper?

Chris plays the villain, Tex Richman, yet hes really the nicest guy youll ever meet. Thats an incredible feat: being a good guy and playing a bad guy. When it comes to acting, its not that easy being mean.

Amy Adams?

Amy is incredible. Shes so beautiful and talented and funny. Id love to make every movie with her. but Miss Piggy wont let me.

Shes also a great actress: she can sing and dance, and she has three Academy Award nominations. Im hoping she gets an Oscar for Disneys The Muppets. If not, Im willing to paint myself gold and stand on her mantle.

Miss Piggy?

I have to say: working with Miss Piggy is always a pleasure. I have to say that cause she makes me say it.

This was a different kind of movie for us. Normally, Piggy and I are together right from the start. But in Disneys The Muppets, Miss Piggy is over in Paris and we have to go get her. That was challenging for me. France is tough for frogs with legs.

Whats the deal with you and Miss Piggy? Are you still together?

Miss Piggy and I have a professional relationship. I think were professionals; she thinks were in a relationship.

Actually, Miss Piggy and I are good friends, but just friends. We like each other a great deal, but we are not romantically involveddespite her best efforts.

Describe director James Bobin.

James has a quirky sense of humor. Just watch his work on Flight of the Conchords and you can see this isnt someone who sees the world like everyone else. Not being normal helps when you work with the Muppets. Hes a consummate professionaland were not, so we really needed him.

What is your advice for up-and-coming frogs/actors?

Never say croak.

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