EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ashley Tisdale Dishes On “Young & Hungry” Spinoff Episode & Her New Movie “Amateur Night”

Logan Rawlings is back on Young & Hungry tonight and she’s bossier than ever!

Having recently discovered her passion for writing, Sofia is thrilled when she gets a chance to work for intimidating media entrepreneur Logan Rawlings at Clikd Media. However, Logan is even more demanding than ever before, and after a rocky start on the job, gives Sofia only one chance to prove herself — by landing an exclusive interview with a hot new artist. At a loss for what to do, Sofia turns to her new coworkers, intellectual Leo (guest star Ryan Pinkston), who’s immediately taken with Sofia, and charming Kendrick (guest star Steve Talley), who’s caught Sofia’s eye. Determined to succeed, Sofia sets out to show Logan, and herself, that she has what it takes to succeed.

Tonight’s special episode of Young & Hungry, titled “Young & Sofia,” serves as a possible pilot for a new Freeform spinoff series that will follow Sofia as she tries to make a name for herself at Clikd media.

Celeb Secrets spoke with Ashley Tisdale, executive producer of Young & Hungry and the actress who plays Logan Rawlings, to talk about this possible new spinoff series and what fans can expect from tonight’s episode, so make sure to check out our exclusive Q&A below!

Young & Hungry airs Wednesday at 8 PM ET on Freeform.

Celeb Secrets: You are returning to Young & Hungry as Logan Rawlings, so what can you tell us about the new episode and maybe what’s different about your character from when we first met her?

Ashley Tisdale: “It’s a special episode. Sofia is looking for a job. I’m looking for an assistant, and I think, you know, what’s different from the last time we’ve seen Logan, which I think has been like two years since we’ve last seen Logan, is she used to work at the San Francisco Tribune and now she’s running her own company called Clikd Media, which is essentially like Buzzfeed. She has more of a, you know, she’s always bossy, but she just has more of a role in running this company. She’s a really fun character to play. She can mistakenly be bitchy, but I think she’s one of those people that likes to get straight to the point. Obviously, it’s a little bit hard for Sofia to work for her and it’s a really cool dynamic between Logan and Sofia. Logan needs a really good assistant and Sofia’s just like ‘can I do this, can I even, is this gonna work?’ She wants to be a journalist and she really desperately wants to work for Logan, but between them, she’s not an easy person to work for.”

How was it getting back into the character after almost two years?

Ashley Tisdale: “It was so much fun. I think, specifically, obviously being a producer on the show, being able to be in kind of like creative control of the character is really fun for me. This time around I was just thinking, just because bigger picture wise if this were to become something, from the office to the wardrobe, I really kind of went out there and David Holden, the creator of Young & Hungry, was just so awesome. He just let me be so free and to have a say with everything. Obviously, being a producer, I had a say with Young & Hungry, but this one, when you’re actually, this is the first time ever that I’m producing something and starring in it, you know, I’ve produced things that I have not been in but this is the first time for a TV series that I’m actually starring in something I’m producing, so it was a little tricky and a little bit different, but you see things come to life and you see like these sets come to life and you’re like ‘oh my gosh, these are images I gave the set designers’ and it comes together and you’re so invested in it. I had so much fun.”


Celeb Secrets: Touching on what you were saying about how it could become something bigger, this could actually spinoff into a new show. Can you tell us how that might work with Young & Hungry? What that new show would focus on? And how you came up with the decision?

Ashley Tisdale: “Obviously, we don’t know anything yet. We would love to see how the fans react and if they love the episode. Obviously, if it were to become something, it’s following Sofia, which is Aimee Carrero‘s character and Clikd Media. It’s more of a work place comedy. I think that Logan is just one of the characters that I really do love to play just because you get to be so creative with her, and when thinking about it, it was just kind of an idea that David had and it was just something that we were all like ‘oh that could be really interesting and super cool’ and having it completely different from Young & Hungry but still being able to have both shows would be a dream come true. It’s just something that we have to see what happens, but I would obviously have such a fun time doing it.”

Celeb Secrets: There might be some new additions to the cast if the spinoff show takes place, like Steve Talley and Ryan Pinkston, so what can you tell us about their characters and how it was working with them for this episode?

Ashley Tisdale: “Steve Talley, I just met and he was so funny, and also, Ryan Kingston, obviously I’ve worked with in the past. That’s just one of the benefits of being a producer is that you can cast your friends in shows (laughs). For us, the whole cast on the show we used to be on, Clipped, we all just loved working with each other and really were best friends and so to have a piece of that in this show is really awesome, and I also just think Ryan Pinkston is such an amazing, great actor. He can just play any role and make it funny. And so those two guys actually work for Logan at Clikd Media. One is in pop culture and one is more of a journalist that takes himself very seriously and that’s Ryan, who won like a Pulitzer, and so they are super opposite people and so really funny together. There’s obviously kind of a love triangle between Sofia coming to work there. I can’t wait, I don’t want to give too much away, but I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”


Celeb Secrets: And how was it working with Aimee? I know you’ve been working with her for a while, but how was it getting into this new show and these new characters together?

Ashley Tisdale: “Aimee is just like a dream to work with. She really is one of those girls that I just find to be so naturally funny and talented. She can really do anything. Just having someone that, you know, is like a partner and just being able, like just having it be her, when they told me the idea, I was just like ‘oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun’ just because I really respect her as an actress. The type of comedy we’re drawn too is a little bit more grounded and we have a lot in common, and like I said, she is such a great person and a great friend, so I was super excited. I mean, the best jobs are always the ones where you can just be with your friends and it’s like not even work (laughs).”

Celeb Secrets: Besides Young & Hungry and Young & Sofia, do you have any other projects you’re working on?

Ashley Tisdale: “I have a movie coming out called Amateur Night that actually comes out August 12th in theaters with Jason Biggs. I’m super excited for that to come out. It’s definitely a role that’s very different for me that I haven’t played before. I play a prostitute, but it’s a really funny comedy. It’s based on a true story of our director’s actual story of when he first came to LA. I’m just excited for people to see me do something different that I haven’t done before.”

Photos: Eric McCandless/Freeform