Is Wembley Stadium Cursed For 5 Seconds of Summer? – Get the Scoop! (@5SOS @michael5SOS @ashton5sos)

5SOS atthe 2015 BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards. (photo source: @ashton5sos)
5SOS at the 2015 BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards. (photo source: @ashton5sos)

Yikes! 5 Seconds of Summer’s guitarist/vocals Michael Clifford just can’t catch a break!

The 19 year-old Aussie and his band 5 Seconds of Summer was closing out the 2015 BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards in London, England earlier today. While 5SOS was in the middle of performing their chart-topping single “She Looks So Perfect” from their She Looks So Perfect EP, the (now blonde) musician took a wrong step and suddenly fell off the stage!

His band mates carried on like the professionals (well kind of) that they are, while Mikey scrambled to keep the show going. Too make things worse, drummer/vocalist Ashton Irwin had technical issues with his mic causing his solo to go unheard, but of course still appreciated. After their set, a slightly embarrassed Mikey confessed as to why he fell backstage.

“I was looking at Rita Ora and i was like hey and i fell.”

So it looks like Ora swept him off his feet, LITERALLY. But can you really blame the guy, I mean it’s Rita Ora! This wasn’t the first (but hopefully last) incident that has happened on the notorious stage of Wembley Stadium. Back in June of this year, Clifford accidentally walked into the pyrotechnics that was recently added to their last tour (Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour). After being singed by the flames, he quickly ran backstage for assistance. Mikey’s injuries were determined to be minor, but Ashton Irwin announced that the show had to be cancelled from there. The other members of 5 Seconds of Summer, bassist/vocalist Calum Hood and lead guitarist/lead vocalist Luke Hemmings, chimed in on their Twitter accounts to express their deepest sympathy towards their fans and friend. The pyrotechnics were immediately taken out of their concerts and have not been used since.

Was 5SOS just unlucky on stage (again) or is Wembley stadium cursed? Who knows! Hopefully things will go much smoother at the O2 on their upcoming tour, Sounds Live Feels Live.

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