Music Monday: Meet Midnight Boy (@iammidnightboy)

midnightboy_fotojosefinmirsch_3Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our new “Music Monday” artist this week,Midnight Boy.

Midnight Boy is an international Swedish pop musician that is known for his infectious 80s infused melodies all over Sweden and the United Kingdom. The singer-songwriter is now ready to take over the United States and we have the scoop on what you can expect fromthe budding musician.

Midnight Boy very much embraces the idea of living out his brand, which is full of color and 80’s sound. When describing his debut EP, Midnight Boy states the following, I would say my music is about the groove and the melodies and the synths of course- I love synths. However I think its a broader perspective as I believe its more about an attitude to life. The 80s were all about craziness and very little about boundaries, which I find very inspiring. I think we all should be more experimental instead of being judgmental about when it comes to others identities and have more of an open mind when it comes to ourselves and the people around us.

With this new wave genre of synth pop, Midnight Boys music suddenly got the excitement of a US audience that took himon a mini West Coast tour and rewarded him with a SOLD OUT crowd at the iconic Los Angles venue The Avalon.

Currently, Scandinavian record label Stereoscope Music have taken an aggressive lead to take his current single Don’t SayNo out of Swedish waters in hopes to break him in the US and UK markets. I wish I could doDon’tSay Noin a 1984 episode ofTOP OF THE POPS,” Midnight Boy says. “During the recording process I wanted it to sound like a musical brother to that Stallone Movie OVER THE TOP. Now I dont really see the similarities anymore but.. Im really proud of this one! he adds.

CS4U caughtup with Midnight Boyrecently to give you the scoop on this budding artist! In our interview, Midnight Boytalks about the inspiration behind his new track Don’t Say No, his normal writing routine, and what he loves most about 80’s music. He even gives a special message to his fansand tells YOU why you should check out his music! Take a read at the Q&A below.

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CS4U:What inspired your new single, “Don’t Say No?

Midnight Boy:“It basically just happened out of a good vibe. We were playing around with a beat in the studio and came up with the chorus and the title real quick. I wanted it to feel intense and uncompromising, or just straight forward, like the swishing sound of a train.”

CS4U:What do you love about 80’s music and when did you decide that you were going to make that kind of music?

Midnight Boy:“Its been a very natural thing for me from the start. Its the melodies and the groove that just turns me on. When I wrote my first Midnight Boy songs I didnt realize it was that 80s though. I usually don’t focus on those things when I write music. I think its more important to feel free in the creating process. Just like with life in general.”

CS4U:What is your writing and recording process like?

Midnight Boy:“When its a keeper it always comes out of playfulness and it usually happens very fast. I use to have a hard time working with other people on my stuff so I wrote and produced it myself. But a co-write last year in LA totally changed that. Nowadays I think it’s so much more interesting to collaborate. If you click its almost like getting the keys to someone elses thoughts and experiences, and you can really learn a lot from that.”

CS4U:What can fans expect from a Midnight Boy concert?

Midnight Boy:“I want them to forget about their worries, make them come alive and have a good time.”

CS4U:What are your plans for doing promo and touring the US?

Midnight Boy:“Im releasing the music videos for “Dont Say No” and “When Youre Strange very soon. Im hopefully following this up with a tour in the U.S. but it isnt scheduled yet. Id love to see more of America and there are so many clubs and venues Id like to visit.”

CS4U:Why should our readers check out your music?

Midnight Boy:“Because they wanna know what it would be like to go back 30 years in time without living in the past.”

CS4U:Since our website is called CS4U, do you have any secrets or hidden talents your fans might not know about?

Midnight Boy: “Im almost a living dead since Ive got a heart rate of 31 beats per minute which is one of the lowest ever measured on a person. I wouldnt call it a talent but at least I took the doctors by surprise.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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