Rob Kidney & Luis Hernandez Reflect on Their ‘Biggest Loser’ Experience – Read Our Q&A!

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Homeward Bound" Episode 1708 -- Pictured: Luis Hernandez -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Although Rob didn't make it to the end of the competition, he successfully transformed himself from an initial 326 to 226 pounds, a total loss of 100 pounds!
Although Rob didn’t make it to the end of the competition, he successfully transformed himself from an initial 326 to 226 pounds, a total loss of 100 pounds!

Last week on The Biggest Loser,twins Roberto and Luis Hernandez battled it out at home in Chicago.

The opening challenge winner could choose a contestant from Team Jen and Team Dolvette to go home for the week where they would be surrounded by old habits and temptations. However, their weight would be the only one that mattered in the final weigh-in. Team Jen decided to send homeboth Luis and Roberto, hoping Luis would be motivated enough to beat his brother. In the end, Luis lost more weight than Roberto, forcing Team Dolvett to send home another team member, Rob Kidney, who fell below the red line.

In an update at the end of his final show, we saw that Luis went from an initial 308 to 203 pounds, an impressive total of 105 pounds lost. He said that without his brother Roberto he wouldn't have been able to push himself so far and achieve so much.
In an update at the end of his final show, we saw that Luis went from an initial 308 to 203 pounds, an impressive total of 105 pounds lost. He said that without his brother Roberto he wouldn’t have been able to push himself so far and achieve so much.

After Rob went home, Team Jen and Team Dolvett were once again disassembledas the competition moved to singles. The players had spent nine weeks facing all types of temptations, but this week had them facing their biggest challenge yet — spending an entire week away from the ranch, eating, training and learning how to live their lives in the real world. With an equal number of boys and girls left in the competition, both the men and the woman tried to form alliances to bring down the other. At the final weigh-in, Lauren and Luis fell below the yellow line. Much to the disappointment of Luis and the other guys, Steve decided to send Luis home because he considered himthe biggest threat to him in the competition.

CelebSecrets4U spoke with Luis Hernandez and Rob Kidney to find out about their experience on The Biggest Loser and what they are doing now at home to keep the weight off. Plus, they give some great advice for readers looking to live a more healthy and active lifestyle — make sure to read our Q&A below!

The Biggest Loser airs Monday, February 8, 2016 at 9pm ET on NBC.

CS4U: First of all, can you tell us what you feel your experience being on The Biggest Loser has taught you?

Luis Hernandez: “You know, its opened so many doors for me. Eating beforehand was more of a pleasure. I loved eating and always have enjoyed eating. And I know a lot today I still like eating but now its in a more controlled setting where I appreciate my body a lot more than before and Ive put in a lot of work to look the way I look. So Ive learned how to control myself a lot better.”

Rob Kidney: “I have to agree with that. Ive learned – Ive just learned how to really lose the weight. Ive learned how to record every single thing that goes into my body and stand back and look at it and make adjustments where I need to make it. And I guess thats about it. Its just really great to have that control.”

CS4U:What would you say was the biggest challenge for you while you were on The Biggest Loser ranch?

Luis Hernandez: “The biggest challenge was probably being away from my family. You know, having a newly born baby and a two-year old was kind of the hardest thing to do leaving them behind. But I look at the bigger picture – I looked at the bigger picture and the bigger picture was that if I leave them for three months or maybe four months, its a lot better than leaving them when Im 50. So thats the way I looked at it.”

Rob Kidney:”And mine was also family but also my business. Since Im self-employed that eight inches between my ears got in the way all the time just wondering what is going on at home. Is my business going to still be there when I get back? What kind of problems, what kind of difficulties? Are we there?Yes, so that – for me it was family as well but business just – it took me a good number of weeks to get my mind settled so that I could let some of that stuff go and concentrate on me.”

CS4U: Are both of you cooking differently at home now? Are you keeping different foods on hand? How has that changed since you were on the show?

Luis Hernandez: “You know, definitely eating – coming from a Latino family we tend to fry everything and tend to overcook. Now, being back, you want to make sure – I definitely make sure that I only cook portions that I know is good to eat. Dont overdo it. I am cooking a lot.Something about this whole experience is that opening doors to different type of foods. I wasnt a salad guy before. Now I am a bigtime salad guy. I love eating salad so thats something thats changed. The cooking at home, my wife is doing a lot better. Shes cooking better for herself and cooking better for the kids. So yes, things have changed at home. Preparing foods for the week is also very important. Sometimes we cook for the whole week and have meals already designated for each day and that definitely has helped us.”

Rob Kidney: “All I can add to that is not just as its changed preparation. I mean preparation the same thing Luis said. Portions are the biggest thing with me. Theres no more – not usually four or five things to eat. Theres one or two little things to eat, maybe for variety but the portions are just so much smaller because I know I dont need it. And before I would eat so fast that everything would be gone. And now Im just eating slower and smaller portions and the biggest thing is actually before I even prepare the food when Im buying the food Im a label reader now. And I just never did that before in my life but right now everything you pick up you want to see how much sodiums in it, how much fat, how much fiber, everything. Its just everything about it has changed.”

CS4U: While youre at the ranch you have all kinds of time to exercise. What are you both doing now to make sure that youre getting your exercise?

Luis Hernandez: “Well at the ranch all we did was exercise. We had the time and the facilities. Here you have to be a little more creative. Any little time that you have, any time to exercise. If youre sitting my thing is always that if youre sitting down, you arent burning. So constant movement is very important. But besides just the little things I am taking some spinning classes, doing some CrossFit, also doing some workouts on the south side part of town, the south side – whats it called – the Southside Knockout, okay. I also do some spinning with full cycle and I also do some CrossFit with Posted and LaGrange. So basically trying to get as much possible time to work out. Sometimes its a little hard. Youve got to find a way to put it in.”

Rob Kidney: “I pretty much solved that problem by since I still have a business to run by getting up very early and trying to get to bed on time. Or I still – Ive always functioned pretty well on less sleep. But I know that sleep is a very important part to what Im doing now so Im trying to get in bed by 10:30, 11:00 but Im always up by, you know, by 5:30 at the gym. And try to get a couple hours in before work. Today in Georgia its 70 degrees, theres going to be an afternoon bike ride when this is done. I do affectionately what I call a lot of group classes that I never did before. I called them girly classes, the body pump and I found once I went in there they probably kicked my tail more than I ever thought.I know why I never did them before because its like real work. And I do body combat, body pump, so Ive kind of pushed myself in all directions. And I have some equipment here at home as Lewis does that we work on, some go-tos that even late at night when Im watching TV – I was watching The Biggest Loser on my assault bike just to keep moving. Theres not much TV time around here, theres not much sitting down but if I have to Im going to sit on that assault bike and just pedal.”

CS4U: If you could bring out some advice to viewers and people in general who want to live a healthier lifestyle, what would you guys say?

Luis Hernandez:”You know what, I would say take it a day at a time. You know, we were put in extreme situation where we were allowed to exercise, were given healthy foods and, you know, all we thought about exercising. But for the real world its taking a day at a time. Yes, people are going to have hiccups. People are going to have hard times saying no to foods. But as long as you get back on track take it a day at a time.”

Rob Kidney:”Thats good. And I would add that I have learned that the biggest advice I could give anyone is to plan your day, to plan your food, and always, always, always have something healthy with you to snack on. For me just the biggest temptation to pull into a convenience store or a fast food place. It was just like it was the easy thing to do. But now that I spend more time prepping meals and prepping snacks and keeping snacks in my car, in my gym bag, thats eliminated that completely and I now look at food as fuel.”

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