The Cast of AwesomenessTV’s New Reality Series Tell Us Their “LA Story” – Exclusive!

Always wanted a taste of the LA lifestyle? Look no further. AwesomenessTV is giving us just that with their new reality series LA Story.

LA Story follows a group of privileged teens through their ups and downs, hookups, breakups and breakdowns, all during their senior year of high school. The show has a big following and just started its second season on the mobile app go90.

CelebSecrets4U caught up with cast members Dylan GatesSienna Skelly and Jamie Wientjes while they were on their way to a special ski trip! In our interview, the teens talk about their show, how it feels to have cameras around all the time, and traveling with each other. They even open up about how their lives have changed since filming and what their plans are after they graduate — make sure to read the full Q&A below!

LA Story can be streamed on the mobile app go90 and on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel.

CS4U: How did you all become friends? Did you meet over crayons and coloring books back in Kindergarten?

Sienna: “It’s not that far back. It’s like middle school pretty much for the most of us.”

Dylan: “Most of us met in middle school but some joined at the beginning of Freshman year of High School. For the guys, a lot had to do with sports because a lot of us played the same sport in middle school.”

CS4U: The show allows gives the audience an inside look into your lives. We can see what you’re saying and what you’re doing. What do the cameras not show us about you?

Dylan: “A lot of people will watch the show and think we are snobby kids in a way but we’re really not. We are nice fun kids. That sounds cocky but we are nice and fun to be around. We are fun to be around not snobby kids that do weird stuff. Some of the comments online are just weird to read.”

Jamie: “People think there is so much more to life than what they see on the show. It’s hard because we are not filming all the time so they don’t see all the big significant things that happen. The show doesn’t show the things that everyone deals with but things inevitability go on.”

CS4U: Season 2 is coming very soon! What can we expect to see in it?

Dylan: “There is still a good amount of drama to be honest.”

Jamie: “I think season two is one of our best because everyone is a lot more comfortable around cameras. I think season one was just a big adjustment and we were all just feeling it out. By season two we knew how it all went and are a lot more comfortable.”

Sienna: “This season we get to do a lot of fun activities. We went to the psychic, LA light performance and a lot of adventures.”

Courtesy of AwesomenessTV
Courtesy of AwesomenessTV

CS4U: How is it like traveling and doing all these adventures with your best friends?

Jamie: “I don’t know, it’s been pretty cool honestly we get to do a lot of cool things that we probably wouldn’t get to do together naturally. you know it’s hard getting together like a group of 10 or like 12 friends so it’s really nice cause it forces everyone to come together cause we are all busy and all have things to do but we’ve all been so close for so long.”

Dylan: “I think it’s pretty cool because I transferred from a different school and it’s nice when we all get to hang out together and have a good time. Going on a ski trip is just amazing cause like Jamie said we really don’t get to do this kind of stuff often so doing it now with the show. I think it’s awesome.”

CS4U: How do you think growing up in this generation and this society differs from past generations?

Dylan: “There are definitely pros and cons. It’s definitely a lot easier for us to get a hold of each other with Facebook, Instagram and all that stuff. Even just texting too because I know my parents grew up without a cell phone to carry around in school all the time. It’s just easier to connect with your friends now but it also takes away a lot. A lot of us will be hanging out at a time and we aren’t really talking or catching up with each other, we will be on our phones not communicating with anybody.”

Jamie: “The fact that we just started a show and their are critical people online like strangers that we don’t know, people do have a lot to say. Reading the comments and seeing what people have to say about you when they really don’t know anything about you.”

CS4U: How do you think your life has changed since filming the show?

Dylan: “Thats a tough one.”

Sienna: “It is. I think we all just feel that the attention hasn’t really hit yet. No one has really seen a drastic change in followers on social media and I guess people use that to kind of see. We haven’t had much attention so we haven’t noticed anything change.”

Dylan: “This isn’t a huge change but I do want to become an actor so it helps being around the cameras all the time.”

Courtesy of AwesomenessTV
Courtesy of AwesomenessTV

CS4U: Is it weird to go back and watch yourself on the show?

Sienna: “I’ve always hate watching myself so it is still kind of weird.”

Dylan: “When we look back at the show and see ourselves and hear our voices we are always going to criticize ourselves more than anyone else. It’s still weird! It’s the first time any of us have been on camera and a show that is going out to  many people.”

Jamie: “I agree. It’s hard to be filming for a long periods of time and having to be corrected about sitting up straight and saying the right things.”

CS4U: How do you balance senior year of high school while filming the show?

Dylan: “It’s still kind of hard but now that we are in second semester and all accepted into our colleges, we all know where we are going. I feel that first semester was more difficult because we were applying for schools and didn’t have as much free time because of homework. It’s definitely eased up in the past few weeks so it’s better now but it was definitely tiring and hard in the beginning.”

CS4U: Come the fall, you are all going your separate ways. Do you think there will be any struggles with keeping in touch and staying as close?

Jamie: “Realistically, I think that a lot of us are ending up in around the same area.”

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