Landon Wetterstrom Talks Crackle TV’s Newest Reality Series, “Men of West Hollywood” (Exclusive)

Picture this – a reality show as fabulous as Queer Eye and as scandalous as Vanderpump Rules. This binge-worthy series exist, and it is Crackle TV’s hottest project called Men of West Hollywood.

Before the global health crisis placed a sudden halt on production and forced film-goers to put down their cameras, six individuals from West Hollywood were living their best life under the spotlight. Crackle TV selectively hand-picked a friend group that consists of six sexy men with different occupations to profile. Throughout the season, Crackle perfectly pulls down the curtain behind “living large in Lost Angeles.”

Reality TV junkies will whiteness healthy relationships hit the fan, new friendships blossom, a sneak peek inside a star-studded affair, and of course, what it is like to walk a prestigious red carpet in the city of dreams. The luxury property owner and professional model, Landon Wetterstrom, exclusively sat down with Celeb Secrets to spill the tea about season one and to explain how he has changed as a person since filming wrapped in 2019.

“We actually filmed season one in 2019. Obviously, the coronavirus disrupted everybody’s lives. But, I think it was for the better because it gave the editors so much time to sit at their house and edit it,” he revealed about the dragged-out editing process. “I’m very excited about season one and excited to see what I see on there because it’s been two years.”

Since there has been a decent time between filming and the highly anticipated premiere, Wetterstrom confessed that he is expecting a few surprises and drama-filled moments, which will provoke flashbacks.

“So, I forgot a lot of things on the show,” he laughed. “I’m excited to watch it like everybody else. There’s a part of me that is a little nervous because my mom and my sister are going to be watching. There’s a lot of nights where we were drinking a lot, and it’s going to be really interesting to see.”

Wetterstrom told Celeb Secrets reporter Tiffany Goldstein that he tends to stir the pot in the first season but confirmed that he is no longer the man people will get to know on the small screen.

“I feel like my role is sort of this laid back, nonchalant kind of airhead guy…which I totally probably was two years ago. I don’t know, just a classic LA playboy,” he revealed while also emphasizing that he turned into a successful luxury property owner since 2019.

Men of West Hollywood does a remarkable deep dive into each classic stereotypical career – for instance, Murry Swanby is an underwear model and club promoter, Brennen Taylor is your typical LA YouTube personality, Justin Jedlica, also known as the “human Ken doll,” is a plastic surgery consultant, David Barta is a personal trainer, and Darren Tieste is a well-known celebrity photographer.

As Wetterstrom climbs the rank in the competitive California real estate market, he hopes to bring TV-goers along on the journey. The reality star declared that he would like to show more of his occupation in season two of Men of West Hollywood.

Until Wetterstrom brings fans into his professional world, they can get a sneak peek into his wild and free lifestyle in the ten high-quality episodes on the Crackle streaming platform.

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