Netflix’s “A California Christmas: City Lights” Proves That Compromise Is The Key To A Happy And Healthy Relationship 

When the world was brought to a sudden halt due to the global health crisis, Lauren Swickard found herself penning a fictional fairytale about two strangers who accidentally fall head-over-heels for one another. After working under pressure, the talented writer-actress brought her vision to life. 

In 2020, movie-goers were introduced to Callie, a rancher who has tirelessly dedicated her livelihood to running a dairy farm and winery. However, her simple life was quickly turned upside down when a wealthy business executive stepped onto the farm as an undercover ranch hand. 

In the Netflix holiday film A California Christmas, Lauren Swickard called in her real-life husband (Josh Swickard) to tackle the role of “Joseph,” the heartthrob money-maker from the big city. Upon arrival, Joseph had a clear motive to obtain Callie’s piece of land before Christmas in order to get promoted in his family’s business. 

However, the task provided by his mother was derailed once a romantic relationship with Callie started to blossom. When the strict deadline to receive a signature for the land was up, his little secret was officially out – leaving the farmer’s daughter heartbroken and in distressed. Luckily – his charm, honesty, and devotion proved that he would give up the swanky job title for love. 

Fast forward to one year later, and Joseph is ready to bring his love for Callie to new heights in the forthcoming Christmas movie, A California Christmas: City Lights which drops today, December 16. In just two years, Lauren Swickard developed a captivating two-part storyline that instantly infused joy into homes worldwide. Therefore, Celeb Secrets sat down with the creative storyteller to hear what it was like to hold a position of power in a male-dominated industry. 

“The first time around, it was definitely a learning experience,” shared Swickard during an exclusive Celeb Secrets interview. “I feel that by the second time around, I had done some other projects where I was producer and writer as well. I really do enjoy the hustle and bustle of wearing all the hats and the energy. It’s super empowering as a woman in film,” she adds. 

While explaining her time on and off set, her husband chimed in to mention that it was terrific to witness Swickard’s script unravel into a full-blown production. “It was one of the first times that she got to create something,” shared Josh about the first festive film. “We got to stand on set and see the world that she created. That was a very neat experience.” 


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As a smile radiates off her face from pride, she did not fail to mention that any aspiring female filmmaker could be in her shoes – If they just utilize their skillset and take control of their own destiny. “I would say start making your own stuff… write your own scripts and shoot your own movies.They don’t have to look perfect. They don’t have to be perfect, but I think the most valuable way to learn how to do anything really is to throw yourself into it right away. Just start doing it on a smaller scale,” she told Celeb Secrets reporter Tiffany Goldstein. 

Swickard practices what she preaches, as the sequel embodies the type of storyteller she is at her very core. Alongside director Shaun Picciinino, producer Alli Afshar and Daniel Aspromonte – Swickard delivers a relatable narrative while highlighting significant life lessons. 

“I love the message in A California Christmas: City Lights. The theme of the movie is that relationships take compromise, and I hope that comes through in a beautiful way,” says Lauren. “I hope the viewers learn a lesson that is easy to apply to their own relationships in life.” 

This message is perfectly portrayed, as viewers can even learn a thing or two from the trailer. Just over a minute, movie-goers see a glimpse of Callie and Joseph’s sudden life-altering move from rural California to the busy streets of San Francisco. The recently engaged couple is faced with an internal battle within the clip, but they quickly realize that they need to come together to conquer change head-on. 

As streamers watch their new life unfold and discover how they found happiness in their new stage of life, Swickard warned fans to keep a close eye on the couple  because their future is still up in the air. “We can confirm that nothing is official, but we cannot say yes or no,” shared the writer about a potential third A California Christmas. “We can’t say there’s not a third one, but if the stars align and two does okay, then there’s a possibility. 

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