Trophy Boy Flaunts Dance Skills in Self-Titled Music Video Off Debut EP “All I Hear Is You Screaming My Name” (Watch)

Trophy Boy — the artist persona of multi-faceted creator and actor Alex Bar — recently released his single “T.O.F.U.” in anticipation of his debut EP All I Hear Is You Screaming My Name. Now, fans can dive into the entire project as all five songs have officially dropped!

Consisting of enigmatic pop and R&B inspired tracks like “Weapon,” “Can’t Do It Right,” and more, All I Hear Is You Screaming is a powerful debut project that shows off the budding artist’s range as a performer and artist.

In addition to the EP, Trophy Boy is sharing an accompanying music video for his latest self-titled single. The new visual features cinematic scenes, impactful acting, and dynamic dance breakdowns that brings the song to a whole other level.

Of course, we had to catch up with Trophy Boy to hear more about his debut EP and its accompanying music video. Check out our Q&A below and be sure to let us know what you think of All I Hear Is You Screaming My Name by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets.

You can connect with Trophy Boy by giving him a follow on Instagram at @alexbar.

Celeb Secrets: What inspired the EP “All I Hear Is You Screaming My Name?”

Trophy Boy: “I pulled inspiration from a lot of different places, but dance and movement was my main focus. Being my first body of work, I wanted to make sure my audience knew I was here to dance and make them move with me. Get out of your seat and dance. Have fun when listening to this EP.”

CS: There is a strong visual element to all of your work. Why do you feel that is so important, and how do you draw inspiration for those aspects?

TB: “Being an artist that dances, I find it super important to add a visual to a lot of my music. When I’m creating my music in the studio I can already visualize the music video. So I feel that in order for my audience to get the full experience of what’s going on in my mind it all comes together with a visual. There’s something so exciting about all the components that go into making a music video. From styling to choreography to lighting. You can take anyone on a journey of your choosing.”

CS: Can you share any secrets or fun stories from filming the Trophy Boy music video?

TB: “Some fun secrets about the video is the glowing ‘Trophy Boy energy’ was my brother-in-law who was a trooper wearing a green body suit for hours. Another secret is that the bathroom scene was originally going to be at the location we shot most of the video at, but we ran out of time so we shot it in my bathroom at home. It took hours to clean everything up, but it’s one of my favorite scenes; so definitely worth it. My last secret is that we did a take in the red rope scene where I was tied up that I started bleeding out of my eyes. It looked epic, but in the end didn’t make much sense for the video so we cut it.”



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