Cameron McLeod Dishes on His Radio Disney Show & Success

Celeb Secrets exclusively caught up with Cameron to find out about the journey of his career.

He’s an actor, dancer, choreographer, a star, and a Radio Disney host. Who is this awesome multi-talented star in the making, you ask? We’re talking about Cameron McLeod, and there are a zillion reasons why his name is worth remembering. Celeb Secrets caught up with Cameron to get the scoop on his exciting rising career. Check out our exclusive Q & A below to get to know him!

Celeb Secrets: What has been your favorite part of working with Radio Disney so far?

Cameron McLeod: My favorite part of working with Radio Disney would have to be being a part of the Disney family, and getting the opportunity to work with all of the amazing talent.

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Live at @RadioDisney 🎥❤ w/ @candiceonair

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Celeb Secrets: How did you decide what the voice and style of your show was going to be like?

Cameron McLeod: I wanted to stay with the Disney theme and keep my show up beat and positive. I have a ton of energy so I wanted to make sure that translated well on air.

Celeb Secrets: Is it possible to pick a favorite guest you’ve had so far?

Cameron McLeod: A few weeks ago, we had Macklemore come into the station and answer some questions about his childhood. I was Macklemore once for Halloween, so of course I had to share that with him.

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Brothers. @macklemore

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Celeb Secrets: Who would still be a dream guest you’d love to have stop by the show?

Cameron McLeod: I would absolutely love to bring in the O.G. Disney stars back into the station and catch up with their lives. I think it would be so fun to hear what they are all up to now and reflect on their Disney days with them.

Celeb Secrets: Do you remember how you first got started with and when you realized people were following you on the platform?

I first realized I was growing a following when I switched from creating traditional lip-sync videos to videos of me dancing. I continued to post and grow my following on there, but when I appeared on Good Morning America with Demi Lovato that really changed the game for me and I realized I had something.

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Goofin off💪🏼 HQ!

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Celeb Secrets: What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten along the way in your career so far?

Cameron McLeod: Do something different from everyone else, be authentically who you are, and STAND OUT!

Celeb Secrets: Who are some of your personal role models that you look up to?

Cameron McLeod: I look up to hard workers like Justin Timberlake, Walt Disney, and my family.

Celeb Secrets: What would you say most inspires your work?

Cameron McLeod: When I film and edit my videos, I use my dance experience, and my musicality in every shot.

Celeb Secrets: What do you hope that your fans, listeners, and viewers take away from your work?

Cameron McLeod: I want to provide a fun place where everyone can escape their daily troubles and dance with me.

Celeb Secrets: What are some platforms or causes that you care about, and how do you use your influence to start the conversation with your fans?

Cameron McLeod: I have a segment in my live shows, where I talk about “No Bullying”, and how it makes the other person feel. I don’t allow “bullies” on my live stream and I try to help people understand how wrong it is.

Celeb Secrets: Can you spill 3 of the most-played artists that are on your personal playlist right now?

Cameron McLeod: Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, and Justin Timberlake are just a few of my favorites.

Celeb Secrets: For Celeb Secrets, would you be able to share an unexpected secret or fun fact about yourself?

Cameron McLeod:  danced on the Aladdin Broadway Stage with James Iglehart, the genie!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

Kristine is a writer and celebrity entertainment news journalist with a specific obsession with Nickelodeon + Disney Channel shows, boy bands, K-Pop, Broadway, and international series dramas. If she's not writing or tucked away in a good book, she is most likely traveling the world and spamming her friends' Instagram feeds with photos from her adventures. Kristine has a BA in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University (2011), and an MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Thought from NYU (2013). She is currently pursuing her second Master's in Journalism through the Harvard Extension School.