Dylan Riley Snyder Chats ‘Kickin’ It’ Season 4 – Read the Interview! (@DylanRSnyder)

DYLAN RILEY SNYDERDisneyXD’s Kickin’ It is back on the air and everyone at CS4U can’t wait to see what’s in store for the action-packed series!

In the new season, the Wasabi Warriors embark on a new chapter of their lives as they relocate to the sunny beachside town of Seaford Village where Rudy opens a new state-of-the-art-gym.

In tonight’s episode titled “Nerd With A Cape,” Milton dresses up as an original superhero named Laser Blade for a hero convention and is forced into action when a real crisis arises. When Milton vows to keep his real identity under wraps to avoid the spotlight, Jerry seizes the opportunity and takes all the glory.

CS4U recently chatted with Dylan Riley Snyder (Milton) who shared some super-cool details on what we can expect from the fourth season of Kickin’ It.

On his character during season 4: “For Milton on season 4, ever since the start of the show he’s really grown a lot—I’m talking about from all the way in season 1, episode 1—he was very socially inexperienced and now he’s been able to grow and settle into who he is. It’s his friends who helped him do that, and that’s something—we’ve seen it all the way gradually happening—but the very start of the show, the very first time you see him, he’s just so confident, you see he exudes this behavior throughout the entirety of season 4 so far.”

On Olivia Holt not returning: “We literally see Olivia everyday. We work on the same lot, so its almost like she never left, you know? We’re hanging out with her all the time, going over to I Didn’t Do It!, she’s coming over to our set. We really get to see each other often. That’s why it seems a little weird when I’m asked a question like “what’s the show going to be like without her? “ or “what are the fans going to think?” I have no idea because I see her everyday. We’re working with her, so we don’t really have that opinion.”

Message to his fans: “I would say just keep watching Kickin’ It  and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think about the episode. Tweet me, go on my website—there we have all my social medias so you can find me on my email, Twitter, Instagram or whatever you want. I love hearing from you.”

His favorite episode: There’s an episode called “The Stang” which I really enjoyed. It was the kind of week that I was so heavily in the script that I didn’t do anything else, I just focused on the work and figuring out—oh, I became a method actor there for a moment!—figuring out all the character’s intentions ‘cause there’s so much, and it turned out to be such a great episode. I love that one.

“Nerd With A Cape” premieres TONIGHT, March 31st @ 8:00PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Kickin It – “Nerd With A Cape” – Clip

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