Exclusive: Joshua Rush Chats “Parental Guidance” with CelebSecrets4U (@JoshuaRush)

image002Kick off the new year with some love, laughter, and family!

Old school grandfather Artie (Billy Crystal), who is accustomed to calling the shots, meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane (Bette Midler) agree to babysit their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents (Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott) go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Diane’s old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, it’s learning to bend – and not holding your ground – that binds a family together.

We chatted it up with Joshua Rush, who plays Turner Simmons, to get the 411 on what we can expect from the film! Check out the Q&A below….

Your new movie, Parental Guidance, is in theaters now! What can you tell us about the movie and your character?

“It’s a really funny movie! Everyone is going to love it. In the movie, my character’s parents have to leave and they left us with our grandparents. Our grandparents act a lot differently than our parents do. A lot of the crazy stuff that happens in the movie comes out of that.”

Cool! What was it like working with the cast? Do you have any special memories from filming on set?

“The cast was amazing! They were just so great to me. A special memory would be that Billy and I actually played catch with each other on set. He was really a grandfather to me and we really became a family over the three months that we shot.”

What was your favorite scene to film?

“My favorite scene to shoot was a scene where our grandfather went outside and left the cake on the table. When he comes back, there is cake on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, on our heads! We were covered from head to toe in cake and frosting–it was so cool!”

Why do you think our readers should check out Parental Guidance?

“It’s a really funny movie and it has a good message too; a couple of good messages. Everybody is going to love it because it has a lot of funny moments and sad moments. Everyone is just going to love the movie!”

I hear you are very involved with Apple computers and the Terminal programming! What got you started with that?

“I have always loved Macs and I just got my first PC, so I am an official geek now! I got started with Macs at a very young age. My parents always had Macs and I just really loved it and wanted to figure out how to make it my own. I discovered this little application called the Terminal. It can really mess up your computer if you enter it offline, it codes wrong. I figured out a way to get Star Wars in text start!”

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Joshua! Parental Guidance is NOW in theaters! Are you going to check it out?

Written by Juliet Schroder

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