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I The Mighty Announces Headlining Tour and Talks Visions for Next Record

Photo by Jason Cox

The community that makes up the alternative rock scene can often times be mistaken for a small group that rarely scribbles outside the lines. I The Mighty takes the utensils and colors loud in many directions. The band is just wrapping their tour with Pierce the Veil and the determination to get their music in as many hands as possible continues to thrive.

Celeb Secrets caught up with the guys before their show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston to talk about what’s been going on with their career. Band members Brent Walsh, Ian Pedigo, Chris Hinkley, and Blake Dahlinger opened up about the importance of touring, new music, and the direction the alternative rock group is going in. Check out the full Q&A below.

For more information on I The Mighty, visit their website at The band will be performing at the Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ this evening.

Photo by Jason Cox/Celeb Secrets
Photo by Jason Cox/Celeb Secrets

Celeb Secrets: You guys kicked 2016 off hitting the ground running with multiple tours and really didn’t slow down. You’re on the grand daddy of tours with Pierce The Veil now. How important is it for a band trying to get their music into as many hands as they can, to tour as much as possible?

I The Mighty: “Touring is everything for bands like us. We don’t get much radio play at all. Touring is how you get your word out. Touring and promoting yourself online is everything. The only reason I think we’ve really grown over the last few years is because we’ve gotten a lot of tours and we’ve been on the road pretty consistently over the past two years.”

Celeb Secrets: With the tour wrapping up and nothing currently released regarding more shows till Riot Fest. Does this mean you’ll be carving out some time to get back into studio and lay the groundwork for the next record or are you working on being out on the road till the end of the year?

I The Mighty: “I think we can talk about it.. pretty sure!  We’re going to be doing a headliner  in the late summer/early fall. We’ll be writing another record after we wrap that up. I think we’re going to be announcing the support the last day of tour.”

Celeb Secrets: As you guys have grown as a band and a brand, you’ve put out a lot of different music that goes in several different directions regarding sound. Do you see yourself gravitating towards one more, now?

I The Mighty: “I don’t think so, we’ve always written the music we wanted to write. I think if you do that, people can tell if you’re writing what you want and you believe in what you put out there. I think Connector, we pulled it back a little bit from Satori..  It’s more mellow. I think we’ll probably push ourselves to new areas with the new record, I’m sure. We’ll def take aspects from all the releases with what we liked and change what we didn’t like.”

Photo by Jason Cox
Photo by Jason Cox/Celeb Secrets

Celeb Secrets: Lyrically, you’re always expanding how you write, you’ve definitely gone back to a story telling approach.

I The Mighty: “We’re just going to write whatever is influencing us at the time. Satori was easy, half of the record was written while I was getting over a breakup. Hopefully that’s not the case for this next record cycle (laughs).

I think the next record might be a little more political. Who knows if that is going to be straight forward or in story form. I think there’s a lot of influence to be drawn from what’s going on in the world.”

Celeb Secrets: How has your hustle as a band worked for you and against you?

I The Mighty: “I think we’re always trying to get better and grow as a band. I think touring with all of these bands has influenced us to work harder and be better as people and musicians. I think we learn something new every time we go out on the road from the people around us. I think Warped Tour, in a van and a trailer was a true test. We stayed pretty happy the whole time!”

Celeb Secrets: As a fan, you take a lot away from going and seeing a show. What do you guys take away from the fans at the end of a show or just in general?

I The Mighty (Brent): “I think the biggest thing for me personal is -there’s been a lot of different times on different tours when… Well, touring is hard and stressful. We make a point to go out after every show to take photos and meet everyone. There’s been a few times where I don’t want to do it, or I’m not in the mood, and all it takes is one person to pour their heart out to you about something your band did for them. It’s moments like that, that put everything back into perspective. That’s one huge take away from me is when I’m kind of at my end, one person bares their soul, and everything is put back into perspective.”


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