LISTEN: Lexxi Saal Drops Her New Song “Rescue Call”

According to at least four group texts on my phone, summer is “unofficially” over and I have been horrible at making and keeping plans. Whoops. Luckily, it’s never too late to add some carefree and fun summer jams to your year-round playlist, and that’s where I will never drop the ball. Enter: Lexxi Saal‘s new song, “Rescue Call,” featuring DC.

If you will pardon the pun, the track is the literal rescue call that your Spotify playlist need this time of year: your go-to anthems of the season may not feel as fresh as they did back in June, but Lexxi will still have you dancing and enjoying the sunny afternoon vibes with her latest release.

You can stream Lexxi’s new track “Rescue Call” on Spotify now, and make sure to leave us your reactions to the song below!

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