Matt Bauman and Victoria Scott Talk All Things “Next Step Realty” – Read the Exclusive Q&A! (@mattbaumanNYC @vica_scott @NxtStepRealtyTV)

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Behind the glitz and glam of New York lies a very fast-paced world. You can’t just trick your way into a fancy spot with an insane view (*ahem Kevin McCallister). It takes money, ambition and of course a skilled broker. In ABC Family’s newest drama, Next Step Realty, we see the grueling and expensive struggle people have to endure to be able to call themselves a “real New Yorker.”

We recently caught up with Matt Bauman and Victoria Scott to talk all things Next Step Realty and about the not-so-pretty side of the Big Apple. In tonight’s fall finale, everyone is in a last minute push to win the bonus so all the agents hustle to rent the exclusives. The winner of the bonus is finally announced and it brings about tension that explodes during the after party.

Make sure to tune in to the fall finale of Next Step Reality: NYC today, October 15th @ 4PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

CS4U: The fall finale of Next Step Realty is this Thursday. Can you tell us any secrets about it?

Matt: “I’ll have to kill you first, haha jk. Fans can expect a huge announcement and they will find out who will win the bonus.”

Victoria: “I think they will be surprised who wins.”

CS4U: You’re based in New York right now, would you consider expanding to a new setting like LA or France?

Matt: “Yes. It would be interesting to see how it is in other places. I heard that in San Francisco that it is just as competitive.”

CS4U: What made you two get into real estate? Was it always the career you wanted to pursue?

Victoria: “Not at all, it was not on my radar. I graduated with a B.A in Psychology and an M.A in Rehabilitation Counseling and decided to move to the city to get away. I was offered the job at Next Step when I was still working with my old company and decided to take it. It was all accidental really.”

Matt: :Same here, I moved to NY to be an actor. I wasn’t making enough at my part-time and I didn’t want to weigh tables so I decided to get into realty.”

CS4U: Matt, you were one of the first agents with Next Step. How does it feel to see all the success you and your colleagues are receiving?

Matt: “It’s amazing that we’re still alive. I still remember when we started out small and we only had like one computer. It’s nice to see the hard work pay off.”

CS4U: Do you find that you have more clients now that the show has premiered?

Victoria: “Yes. Sometimes we get recognized out on the street which is different.”

CS4U: You two have been doing this for quite some time now. How was it like when you first started in the business?

Matt: “I first started in a big firm and they would throw you to the wall. I remember having a 40 year-old man to my left and a 54 year-old woman to my right and these are people who have been doing this for years. You just feel like a tiny fish in a big pond. But here at Next Step, you can be a big fish in a big pond which is more manageable.”

Victoria: “I actually dated the CEO of the company I used to work at so I ended up leaving because I felt that it was unprofessional.”

CS4U: You help find their dream homes. What is your idea of a dream home?

Matt: “My dream home would be shared with Victoria.”

Victoria: “I actually did find my dream home. It was a 5-story townhouse, but it was 10-11 million so kinda out of the question :P”

CS4U: Have you ever wanted an apartment or studio that you’ve shown to your client?

Victoria: “Yes. Sometimes we would show apartments that are nicer than the one I own!”

Matt: “I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve heard of brokers who liked a place so much that they would tell their client that it has already “been rented”, but they we’re the ones who would put in the application.”

CS4U: Both of you seem to have a few issues with some of your co-workers towards the end of the season. How do you handle drama in the workplace?

Victoria: “Head on. Also, being in such a big firm, we’re always busy so we usually don’t have time for the drama.”

Matt: I agree. We just stay focus and keep things professional.

CS4U: Has the reality show changed the way Next Step Realty operates? Do you have to be more careful about how you represent the company?

Victoria: “Now that we are in the public eye more, we have to be careful and pick the right clients who want us for the right reasons and not just to be on the show.”

CS4U: What has it been like being on TV? Has anything changed?

Matt: “No not really. We’re the same weird people haha.”

CS4U: Do you watch the show every week? Was there anything shown that you were embarrassed by?

Matt: “Yes. I would watch the show with a bottle of Tums every week because I don’t know what to expect. I made the mistake to watch that episode of when I was pole dancing and my dad was like, “You drink too much” haha.”

CS4U: You are still very young. Do you plan on sticking with real estate as a career or maybe venturing into new things?

Matt: “I plan on staying because I’m excited for the future, but who knows.”

CS4U: Since we are CelebSecrets4U, can you tell us a secret about yourself that your fans may not know?

Victoria: “My secret would probably be, like I mentioned before, that I dated the CEO of my old company.”

Matt: “I don’t really have any. I mean it’s not a secret that I was Joan River’s production assistant before. My secret could be that Victoria is my favorite.”

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