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REX LEEYoung & Hungryreturns to ABC Family for an all-new episode on ABC Family Comedy Wednesdays tonight, July 2nd.

Rex Lee, who plays Elliott Park, chatted with press to share details on his character and what we can expect from the series.High-strung Elliot is Joshs publicist and right-hand-man. He oversees the hiring of Joshs personal chef. Elliot would much prefer a famous chef for the job and is unimpressed by Gabi and her resume. He makes no secret of his disdain for Gabi.

In tonight’s episodeYoung & Ringless, Gabi is excited for her first official day as Joshs new chef, but her first assignment to prepare an elaborate Chinese dinner for Joshs visiting investors has her questioning if she can really handle the demands of the job. Then when a valuable item goes missing, Gabi is shocked when shes accused of being the thief. And then Gabi is even more surprised when she finds out who the real culprit is.

Young & Hungryis all-newWednesday, July 2nd @ 8PM ET/PTon ABC Family.

Could you describe the relationship between your character Elliot and Gabi [played by Emily Osment]?

Rex: “Their relationship is definitely evolving. The thing about Elliot is he is not a monster, he has a heart. Therefore, the fact that his perspective of Gabi is that she doesnt always have it together, I think that he often has compassion for her. I certainly think that Elliot is a person who thinks that as long as you can take his guff, hes going to give you his guff. Any time that shes feeling good, hes probably going to be razzing her a little bit.”

Will we see your chracter dating on Young & Hungry like we did with your character on Suburgatory?

Rex: “Yes! I will admit that my character has not had a love interest in any of the episodes weve filmed so far, but Im certainly hopeful that in the future Elliot will have a love interest. Im really hopeful about that for sure.”

Whats it like working with Emily Osment?

Rex: “Its great! I might have been living under a rock because I had never seen an episode of Hannah Montana even though Ive heard of the show, so I didnt really know who Emily was. When they told me she was the lead of the show, I had to look her up and find pictures and figure out what work shed done [laughs]. It turned out that I had seen part of a film shed done called Dadnapped. She played the daughter of the mystery writer, so I had seen part of that.

As we got to working, I thought this young woman is someone I can learn a lot from. Shes just such a pro at such a young age, and I have to say that she really surprises me all the time. Sometimes Ill be watching a scene thats populated by other actors and Ill think that actor really missed a joke there, and Ill say to myself how would I have delivered that line? Every time Im watching Emily at her work, shes always doing and saying things in a way thats completely surprising to me and is really delightful as a surprise. I never really worry about her, even though Im constantly thinking its really not how I would have delivered that line at all. Ill also think that she delivered it in a better way than I ever would. I just think shes amazing and I have so much to learn!”

Photo: Bob D’Amico /ABC Family

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