Amir Brandon’s Newest Single ‘Cry In The Shower’ is a Melancholic Hit About Turning Your Back On Someone (Exclusive)

Toronto Pop and R&B singer Amir Brandon has released his newest single “Cry In The Shower” and we can’t get enough of it.

Inspired by a person who took him for granted, Brandon says of the song, “I thought it was about time that he got a song. He was an integral part of my life, and soon enough I realized that he wasn’t who I thought he was. I feared losing him, and he just went on like it was nothing. The shower is a great place to gather your thoughts. It’s also a great place to wallow. It’s my safe place.

Making huge success, the artist has a major fanbase on TikTok, with over 63K followers and over 10 million streams across platforms. He’s also received placements through FM radio, Disney, Netflix, and major television networks, and even performed live on pop singer JoJo‘s Instagram livestream.

After enduring many years of obstacles, Amir Brandon is breaking the mold and emerging against the odds. Brandon is ready to introduce a new era to listeners with “Cry In The Shower.”

Celeb Secrets sits down with Brandon, where he dives deep into the story for the new single, explains his roller coaster of a journey so far and expresses what it was like collaborating with artist JoJo. You can read more via our exclusive Q&A below!

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Celeb Secrets: We’re so excited to hear your newest single “Cry in the Shower” which is out now!  What is the backstory of this song? What inspired you to write it?

Amir Brandon: “Thanks so much, can’t wait for you to hear it! “Cry in the Shower” was inspired by someone who took me for granted. For a long time, I didn’t realize that I didn’t mean as much as I thought I did to him. It flipped my world around. When that happened, my natural reaction was to cry in the shower. Haha. One night I was like, “…there needs to be a song for this kind of thing.” The shower is like a “safe place” for a lot of people to let their feelings out without judgement. I think that a lot of people can relate to what I’m singing about.”

CS: What can fans expect in this new era of music, especially with the release of this song?

AB: “More authenticity, not just in my lyrics, but in my sound as well. I love my past projects, but the music I’ve been working on lately feels a lot more organic to me and suits my voice. I don’t feel like I’m ‘trying’ to follow a certain trend or production style. After a lot of projects that had me overthinking about what people might want to hear, I’m just going with my gut this time. It feels right.”

CS: Is “Cry In The Shower” a taste of what’s to come from the new material?

AB: “I don’t like making songs that sound too similar to one another, but I’ll definitely be incorporating some more organic instruments and sounds into my music moving forward. Cry in the Shower is pretty heavy on acoustic guitar. It does have a cool head-bopping vibe to it; I’d love to explore ballads, uptempo, and more with future songs, while keeping things cohesive.”

CS: What is the overall message you want listeners to take away from this single?

AB: “I love when a song captures what I’m going through. I want “Cry in the Shower” to feel cathartic to listen to for people who can relate to my experience.”

CS: What led you to make music? Where did your passion originally come from?

AB: “I’ve always been drawn to pop culture and creating something influential. I loved singing since I could remember. Since then, making music has felt like a silver lining through the challenges I’ve faced, like relationships and embracing parts of myself in spite of the disapproval of other people. It feels so rewarding to turn heartache into songs that people can connect with.”

Courtesy of the artist

CS: You’ve had so much success with over 10 million streams across platforms. What has it been like hitting this kind of major milestone? How has it shaped your experience in the music industry?

AB: “I’m glad to know that people are starting to find my music through my online presence! It’s made me realize how unpredictable the music industry really is. The times that my content has blown up, it was when I least expected it. I’m learning more every day about how this all works.”

CS: How did your music making process change over the past year with COVID-19?

AB: “Not much, to be honest! I’m a hermit when it comes to making music. I enjoy creating from home.”

CS: In addition, you’ve gotten to sing for pop star JoJo—what was it like performing for her? Are there any other kinds of collaborations we can expect in the future?

AB: “It was a dream come true! JoJo has been a really integral part of my growth as a singer through the years. I learned how to do vocal runs from practising with her music as a kid. She’s been one of my idols since day one. I’d really love to collaborate with her one day.”

CS: Your journey has not been easy, as you’ve gone through years of closed doors and homophobia while fighting for artistic integrity. What motivated you through it all to get where you are today?

AB: “Looking ahead and keeping my mind on my goals. I’ve learned to take things one day at a time, and try my best to enjoy the ride. All of the challenges that I’ve faced have just pushed me to work that much harder, and have inspired a few of my favorite songs that I’ve written.”

CS: What’s the best advice you can give to your fans who are wanting to follow in your footsteps?

AB: “Take constructive criticism from honest people that you trust. Step out of your comfort zone.”

CS: Lastly, since we are Celeb Secrets, can you share any secrets about yourself or your music that fans wouldn’t know about?

AB: “Hmm… In my original song “party!,” I secretly thank one of my music idols at the very end of the song. Check it out on Spotify and see if you can catch who it is!”


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Jackie is a Celeb Secrets media intern studying at University of Central Florida. She's majoring in Journalism (Electronic Track) with a minor in Sociology. When she's not reporting, she enjoys photography, watching films (her favorite movie is…

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