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ANTIBOY Releases Gripping Single and Video for “Insanity” (Watch)

The late visionary artist shares another piece of the ANTIBOY universe.

ANTIBOY is back with a new single and its raising awareness to addition and mental health new

Called “Insanity,” the song is a feverish piece of reflection that faces the reality of your mind when dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues.

Hains sings in an angelic growl, “feels like a cycle in my head, feels like a tempest in my bed,” referring to the ebb and flow of conflict that takes place when fighting this debilitating insanity.

The song moves in and out of thought, taking note of the distinctive thoughts that occur when you’re fighting your own troubled mind. The melodic stamina of the song will keep any listener focused in, inciting chills with every word. “Insanity” is sure to be stuck in your head and have you hoping to hear more of this eerie and exciting song about the reality of a troubled mind.

It’s stimulating and exciting, but honest and troubling. It leaves room for the listener to interpret freely, while still staying true to its intended message. It’s filled with vast electronic sound alongside emotion ridden lyrics, and the video translates this duality perfectly.

The video features British contemporary dance artist Leah Marojević who gracefully represents the message of the song. Marojević lays on a lab table, taking part in an experiment of the mind. The experiment seems to fail, sending her frantically dancing in an ominous blank room, her character displaying the mental spiral she’s undergoing. There are two perspectives being highlighted within the video that are important to note. One perspective being shown is that of the world’s view of those struggling with mental health and addiction, and the other perspective is that of the actual struggle that is taking place within those who are suffering. Hains’ vision was fully brought to life, honoring him, his life, and the fight for sanity that he endured until he ultimately lost.

Watch “Insanity” below:

Harry Hains’ ANTIBOY persona is that of a dystopia living, genderless transhuman, whom exists in the world Hains desperately longed for. Everyone in ANTIBOY’S world is seen for their internal selves, their true pure form. “Insanity” is a continuation of the ANTIBOY message, emphasizing on the internal conflict of grappling with the chaos in your mind when undergoing the hardships of identity, LGBTQ+ issues, mental health, and drug addiction, all which Harry Hains persevered through.

Due to Hains’ passing, his mother, actress Jane Badler has fought to preserve the work and message of ANTIBOY. After seeing the hardships her son faced throughout the entirety of his life, she’s become an advocate for mental health and LGBTQ+ issues, and the living force behind ANTIBOY. She’s brought onboard many creative influences to join her in elevating her late son’s art, including Agustín Farías who directed the “Insanity” music video,

Leah Marojević, and Fernando Garibay who has worked with Lady Gaga,, and Sia and produced “Insanity”.

Hains’ message and vision for ANTIBOY is living on despite his passing, spreading a message of a fierce fight alongside intoxicating beats. Although he may have lost his battle, Hains’ vision and message of hope for ANTIBOY is proceeding, honoring him and his plead for sanity.

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