Everything You Need to Know About “The Sorry Papi Tour” – The Ultimate Girls Party That’s Taking the World By Storm

With the warm weather right around the corner, the moment for a night out on the town with your girlfriends has officially commenced. A lot of planning goes into choosing where you and your gal pals want to go, as there are multiple questions you have to ask yourself. Do we fit the vibe? How’s the music? And most importantly, will we be safe?

The Celeb Secrets gals are happy to say that we found an event that’s taking the world by storm that answers yes to all three questions, so make sure to run — not walk — to get your tickets to The Sorry Papi Tour before they sell out!

For those who don’t know, The Sorry Papi Tour is an all-women music event led by Tour Manager/Project Manager Jacqueline Terrazas and official DJ/Brand Manager DJ Miriam that brings an all-girl party to cities around the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Highlighting the beauty of Latin culture and Reggaeton music, The Sorry Papi Tour is a is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination and creativity of women. Plus, who doesn’t want to meet other boss babes in a fun and safe environment?

Courtesy of The Sorry Papi Tour

Celeb Secrets sat down with Jackie and Miriam (virtually) to learn more about The Sorry Papi Tour, which kicks off this Saturday (March 25) in Monterrey, Mexico. The leading ladies open up about the event’s early beginnings and how it transformed into a world phenomenon, their favorite memories while on the road, and what they hope the future holds for The Sorry Papi Tour. You’ll have to read our full Q&A below for more!

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Celeb Secrets: It’s so exciting to see that the Sorry Papi Tour is almost here! How does it feel to finally be back on the road with almost no restrictions?

Jackie: “It’s exciting and also nerve wrecking because we are coming in with the same concept but so many new ideas. We are excited to see the reactions of past and new attendees. Just like each city is a new experience, each tour as the years go by will too be different.”

Miriam: It almost doesn’t feel real. Time feels like it flew by, and even though almost all restrictions are lifted and we are eager to party with all of our girls, our main priority will always be everyone’s safety first. Let’s have fun!”

CS: What sparked the initiative to bring the Sorry Papi Tour to life?

Jackie: “Working in the nightlife industry as a woman (in male-led industry), we are always subjected to inappropriate behaviors by men when working and/or going out. We wanted to create a space for women where they can enjoy themselves in a safe and uplifting environment by creating the ultimate girls night. Not only is this a positive experience for the attendees but also an opportunity to let women in the music industry showcase their talents.”   

Miriam: “The song ‘Yo Perreo Solo,’ which translates to ‘I Twerk Alone,’ and its message about women who simply want to dance alone and safely in the club is what gave me the idea for this project. Working in the industry for 10+ years really opened my eyes from a woman’s perspective. We go out and want to have a good time, but for a lot of us, bars and clubs can be breeding grounds for sexism, assault, and abuse towards women, so I really wanted to create a safer space for us, and that’s how I came up with the concept and worked with the rest of the girls on the team to bring this to life.” 

CS: What can attendees expect from the event from start to finish?

Jackie: “Upon arrival, the women can expect to be greeted by the unique and Instagrammable photo ops, interactive installations, a curated Sorry Papi cocktail menu, official Sorry Papi merch, and so much more. Aside from the physical aspects – you feel the femme and uplifting vibe in the air. The positivity and enjoyment from the female attendees is contagious! During the event, you will see our talented female DJ’s playing your fav songs, surprise performances, balloon drops, confetti blowers, merch giveaways, twerk contests… the list goes on and on. It’s almost like escaping reality for a while, you’ll be sad when it’s over.” 

Miriam: Jackie hit the mark perfectly. Look no further if you want to unwind and get dressed up for a festivity where you can sip on some of our costume-themed cocktails and dance to your favorite music. The atmosphere is brilliant, and we really do our best to make each city’s night memorable. It’s warm and welcoming and the ideal spot to party with your besties, meet new people, and cherish new experiences.”

Courtesy of The Sorry Papi Tour

CS: With the Sorry Papi team being all women, how rewarding is it to see the wild success the franchise has had so far?

Jackie: Our team is focused on giving hard working, smart women the opportunity to showcase their talent and work ethic, even if they don’t have much previous experience in this field. Having new, fresh minds to work with is a plus because it sort of gives us an outside perspective and helps us improve in ways we wouldn’t have even imagined. Seeing this small group of ambitious, young women create such a successful event is the ultimate reward – not just internally but we created something that impacts other women. We hope to continue to give women opportunities within Sorry Papi, behind the scenes and in front.” 

Miriam: It’s been a pleasure and a blessing to be able to play a part in elevating all of these extraordinarily brilliant women so that everyone can recognize their greatness and in bringing women from various backgrounds together in a welcoming atmosphere, but there is still so much work to be done. Even though this is just the beginning, it is incredibly gratifying to be able to witness and contribute to the change that this movement is aiming to create. The game and the world are evolving. Future is female, they say.”

CS: Which city are you looking forward to stopping in most and why?

Jackie: “Personally, I am most looking forward to NYC. Not only because it’s my fav city but also the hardest market to conquer. To explain, last year NYC was the city where we had the most negative feedback. Women were not satisfied with the music, the cocktails, etc. This just pushed us harder to research each city’s market and what works/doesn’t work. I am excited to go back to my favorite city will all the new updates, kick a*s and show these ladies a great time and an unforgettable experience!” 

Miriam: Every city we’ve visited here in the US holds a very special place in my heart. Even though we’ve had the privilege of traveling abroad to places like Canada and the Dominican Republic, I’ll admit that there’s no place like home. Chicago is where we started, where the idea came from, and where we got the opportunity to bring this concept to life for the first time.”

Courtesy of The Sorry Papi Tour

CS: You’ve already brought Sorry Papi to other locations like Mexico and Puerto Rico — are there any other places you’d like to bring the tour to, and if so, why?

Jackie: “YES! Ideally we would like to take Sorry Papi to every major city around the world but patience is a virtue. We are planning to stop in Latin America and Europe, especially. Personally, I would like to take it to Spain because it is a totally different market and I feel the locals would appreciate something new and out of the ordinary. You also have plenty of European traffic in Spain so we will have attendees from all different ethnicities/races.” 

Miriam: “I spend a lot of time researching music, including who is rising, and what genres are popular around the world. And as a result, I’ve grown to love so many different genres and artists which has increased my interest in taking this tour to Europe, Latin America, and Asia. I’d love to go to Guatemala because that’s where I’m from. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The list is endless.” 

CS: How important is it to have something like Sorry Papi out on the market, where you really shine a light on Reggaeton and Latin culture in numerous cities?

Jackie: “I feel that the Latin music and culture is just now getting the credit it deserves, even then I feel it could be represented more. Throwing this party and giving our Latin culture a place to shine is important to spread awareness on the talent the Latino community holds. It also is a space where Latina women can connect and even teach women from other ethnicities about our culture. We are reggaeton/latina based but we welcome women from all over the world.” 

Miriam: We enjoy playing and dancing to reggaeton and other Latin music with so many Latinas of diverse ethnic backgrounds. We enjoy paying respect to the pioneers as well as supporting the current reggaeton movement. As Jackie stated, we welcome all women from all backgrounds, and creating a safe environment for women will always be our top priority. Music bringing us together is the icing on the cake.” 

Courtesy of The Sorry Papi Tour

CS: What’s been your favorite memory from working on the Sorry Papi Tour?

Jackie: “My favorite memory of the Sorry Papi Tour would be the Puerto Rico show. Reggeaton’s birthplace is in PR and I was so excited to see those women react to the party – and the reaction was priceless. Women were dancing and singing in unison and it was a beautiful sight to see. Also, that was when we had our first special guest performance – Randy from Jowel y Randy. We got to meet so many influential people in the music industry that day and that was just the start.” 

Miriam: My favorite memories involve me performing and connecting with women through music. It goes without saying that some music can reflect your own emotions and thoughts. Music can best express an emotional state or a particular situation. I consider myself to be expressive when it comes to music, and Sorry Papi encourages us to share parts of ourselves through music. It’s almost like an awareness can develop, and then a bond is formed between me and the girls. I’ve never experienced a sense of sisterhood, community, and oneness like I do at a Sorry Papi show.”  

CS: With Sorry Papi already being a huge success, where do you hope to see the show in 5 years?

Jackie: Eventually we would like to curate Sorry Papi into a benefit festival. Like a music based fundraising initiative to raise funds for organizations that focus on the development of supporting women. Bringing on big name women artists like Rosalia, Tokisha, Karol G, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus etc. We also want to give women owned businesses an opportunity to vend at our festival – food, clothing, art etc. A hub for women to give back and receive.” 

Miriam: In the future, we hope to organize a music-based fundraising event—a benefit concert or festival—to support groups that promote the advancement of women with programs that equip women to overcome serious barriers. We aim to give back to those women in need in all areas—work, housing, education, mental health, domestic abuse, etc.—spreading awareness and helping provide resources to cope with these traumatic events. Working with nonprofits that prioritize the advancement of women is something we want to do.”

CS: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, what are some secrets about working on the Sorry Papi Tour that people wouldn’t know just by attending?

Jackie: “People do not know that this party takes sleepless nights, endless meetings and constant headaches to produce. We work hard internally so we can give these women the ultimate girls night. It is all worth it because seeing the outcome is so rewarding and only pushes us to do more. Something more on the fun side, the attendees don’t know that we too like to have our fun! In between flights, instead of sleeping 2 hours in the hotel room – we go out after our shows for a fun late night in a new city. We sleep on the plane, wake up the next morning and do it all over again. ;)” 

Miriam: “Many seem to forget that we are still a new concept with a modest team because of the instant success we experienced after our debut show in Chicago, which led to a US tour of over 45 cities. Five to six hours before an event, Jackie has to check into the venue. While there, she works with the production team to assemble pop-ups, set up the merch booth, and other tasks. We check that the cocktails taste good. You see me running through a sound check, making sure my music crates ready for the city I’ll be performing in.  I love what I do. We’re all still growing, and I learned so much in the past year. In order to live a healthy lifestyle while traveling to improve my physical and mental health, I plan on improving my time management skills and developing better habits this year.”


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