Exclusive: Bachelor Nation Speaks Out About Zach Shallcross’ Journey To Find Love On Season 27   

30 women from across the nation flocked to the “Bachelor” mansion to win over Zach Shallcross’ heart during the season 27 premiere. Schallcross embarked on his journey to find love last night (Jan.23) and left a handful of ladies with a long-stem rose that symbolizes a promising future in the franchise. 


Bachelor nation learned the California natives’ names during season 19 of “The Bachelorette,” after he tried to win over Rachel Recchia. Although he did not walk away with the leading lady on his arm, he received the title “Mr. Right Reasons.”  


Although his undeniable charm and self-awareness scored him the ultimate gig, former contestant Jason Tartick believes he must ditch the “Bachelor Dictionary” to have a successful outcome on the wildly popular show. 



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“You don’t have to say everything that people expect you to say,” explained Kaitlyn Bristowe’s fiancé. “I think on the ‘After The Final Rose,’ he was trying to live up to the standard. I think he dropped more of the Bachelor dictionary. You know, ‘Can I steal you for a second?’ and ‘Here for the right reasons.’ There are certain items you gotta throw out the window. You’ve got to do better. Just be yourself…you gotta throw that book out, brother.” 


Tartick believes reality TV junkies will learn a new side of Shallcross towards the end of his season. 


“Here’s my prediction – you saw ‘After The Final Rose,’ he was your standard prototypical,” he explained. “By the end of this, you’re going to see a whole different Zach. It’s going to be fun to see.” 


As Tartick foreshadows how the jammed-packed season will end, former Bachelor Ben Higgins understands first-hand the pressure that comes with the role. 


“The show has always been difficult for the leads. There is not a lead that I can remember, that walked through and said, ‘this is the best thing I have ever done.’ So, it’s always hard on them,” Higgins pointed out. “I want to see more love than drama. I watch it because I want to see connections and stories shared. The drama is always interesting and fun, but it’s getting to be where it’s becoming too much of the show – it’s hard for me to watch.” 

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Higgins continued to share valuable advice that Shallcross should take into consideration. 


“My Bachelor advice is always the same – don’t let your head get too big, and also don’t let it get too small,” he exclusively told Celeb Secrets. “You’re on a reality television dating show, it’s really great, and I hope you do great with it, but you’re not the king of the world.” 


He hopes that Shallcross disregards the criticism and remembers to stay grounded while in the spotlight. 


“Enjoy the ride, have a lot of fun with it. Do what you can with it. Hopefully, you find love with it,” he added. “But, keep moving forward and understand your place in the world.”  


ShallCross’ ex-lover Recchia told Celeb Secret’s Juliet Schroder that she’s not concerned, as she thinks he’s the perfect man for the demanding job. 


“Very excited for him,” she said, full of enthusiasm on the iHeartRadio red carpet. “Zach, is absolutely incredible. He’s going to do amazing. His heart really is in the right place. I think going through as a lead is always difficult, but when you follow your heart and trust your gut… it can definitely work.” 

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The heartthrob has already made Bachelor Nation history, as he kissed seven women on night one. Shallcross surpassed Clayton Echard by two. Shallcrosss kept 19 contestants vying for his heart and gave his first impression rose to Greer Blitzer, a 24-year-old he met during the ‘After The Final Rose’ live show. 


“If you’re someone that wants to watch true romance and see that journey to love, then it’s gonna be a great time,” Shallcross shared with PEOPLE. “With previous bachelors, it can go a little crazy, and kind of the whole purpose can get put to the side of – maybe it’s not about the love or relationship, it’s about something else. And with me, it’s [about love] from the very beginning to the very end.” 


“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 


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