Pop-Rock Group American Authors Open Up About Creative Nostalgic Album “Best Night Of My Life” (Exclusive)

It’s been nearly a decade since pop-rock group American Authors broke into the music scene with their debut album “Oh, What a Life.” The trio, comprised of Zac Barnett [ vocals/guitar], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums], has come a long way since the band got together at Berklee College.

They have witnessed their original music peak on prestigious charts, received recognition in more than 600 movie trailers, and have performed alongside notable names in the industry. Their long-running list of accolades proves that they are now a household name in entertainment. Despite their growth and well-established sound, the New York-based group has returned to its roots with their fourth studio album – “Best Night of My Life.”

“We kind of wanted to stop worrying about what other artists are doing sonically right now,” Barnett told Celeb Secrets. “We wanted to take it back and make the most American Authors sounding album we’ve ever done. We really wanted to go back to the roots and make something that would almost sound nostalgic to listeners. We want listeners to go, ‘I love American Authors. I’ve heard their songs in TV commercials and at sporting events all over the place. I missed this sound.'”


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The well-rounded record is bursting with ten playlist-worthy tracks that display the band at their very core – optimistic singer-songwriters with a unique perspective. The three placed a modern twist on Bobby McFerrin’s smash hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in “We Happy,” “Blind For Love” is a friendly nod to hopeless romantics, as the title track “Best Night of My Life” is a happy-go-lucky follow-up to their chart-topping hit “Best Day of My Life.”

Before diving into the songwriting and recording process, Barnett said that they had a precise vision that would push their musical boundaries.

“We’ve always been a band that’s pushed a lot to try new things and different vibes when we’re recording,” he noted. “I think this one was more the idea. We had a pretty clear idea of what path we were gonna go down. I think that’s very different from what we’ve done in the past, but it makes for the most cohesive album.”

To hone in on their artistry, the men hunkered down in Las Vegas for a writing retreat. Surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals in tight corners allowed them to work around the clock and bounce ideas off one another. Barnett believes that this strategic strategy is the recipe for success.

“We started doing that [writing retreats] during the pandemic. The guys would come to my house and home studio. We would do a few days together, and it has been working really well,” declared the hitmaker. “There always been these moments where we would disagree or argue – we didn’t have a clear direction. We would rewrite something a mission times. With this album, we would write these songs, and it was pretty easy. We wrote 20 and recorded 20 songs in two weeks. We narrowed it down to our favorite ten. We played those ten for our team, and they were like, ‘this is awesome. You got an album done.'”

While cultivating the collection – their main priority was not to overthink each song and enjoy the process.


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“At the end of the day, we wanted to ensure that we weren’t overthinking stuff too much this time. That was the hardest thing with this album, because each verse serves a purpose,” said Barnett. “It was very fun because we love each other and love working together. Many of those two weeks were working from 10 AM to midnight daily.”

They would like their listeners to turn on “Best Night of My Life” when they need an uplifting anthem or encouraging words to turn their day around.

“I hope it’s an album you can put on if you need a little pick me up in the day or if you’re just trying to get your party on,” he shared. “Whether it’s just a bop along to the melodies and a feel good, you want to really take in the lyrical content and put your own stories into it.”

American Authors is currently on their nationwide tour, where they are hitting notable cities like Chicago, Manhattan, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and more. The powerhouse vocalist said that they are already receiving positive praise from ticket-holders.

“I really love this album. Just playing these new songs is the most fun I’ve had with American Authors. It feels really organic and natural,” he said. “We just played a show, and it was crazy packed. We played three new songs that people probably aren’t familiar with yet, and they instantly sang along. Maybe they don’t know the song that well, but it’s like something so recognizable and nostalgic about what they are. It gives that energy that just makes a person want to sing along and be a part of it. The responses have been good and positive.”


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Following their high-energy and interactive run, they plan on cranking out their fifth studio album –  which will drop in the fall of 2023. They will also embark on an international trek. For tickets and upcoming appearances, visit

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