Getting to Know Zarri: The Mexican Rap Maverick Redefining the Scene

The superstar in the making blends sounds from both music legends in the past and present, making him a force to be reckoned with in Mexico and beyond.


There are musicians who cross borders and captivate audiences with their distinctive styles and contagious energy. One such rising star is Raul Belsuzarri, known by his stage name Zarri. With a blend of influences from music legends of the past and the contemporary sounds of today, Zarri has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the Mexican music scene.

Zarri’s journey began in the idyllic coastal town of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, where he grew up with a strong sense of independence. Already as a child, Zarri demonstrated a remarkable maturity, navigating the world with a freedom that allowed him to develop his own passions and pursue his dreams. From an early age, he found solace and inspiration in the world of music, nurtured by a wide variety of idols, such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and The Beatles, among others.

Having studied at Colegio Puerto Aventuras from preschool through high school, Zarri’s formative years were enriched by a solid education and nurturing environment. It was during this time that his love for music began to evolve beyond a mere hobby. Although he doubted the possibility of a career in music, Zarri’s determination never wavered. He continued to hone his craft, creating and recording music, until the doors to his dreams opened wide.

At the age of 16, Zarri faced the challenges brought on by the pandemic and COVID-19. He found himself housebound, attending school online and spending his days making music. The sudden change in the school system and the overwhelming number of classes took a toll on his mental health, causing him stress and anxiety. However, in the midst of the chaos around him, Zarri used music as an outlet, spending hours upon hours writing and creating.


During a vacation trip to California with his father, Zarri’s life took an unexpected turn. He visited the Los Angeles jewelry center, where a close friend of his father’s, John Marin, had an office in a downtown tower. John, who knew of Zarri’s musical talent and freestyle ability, took an interest in his music and asked to hear his new songs and material. Impressed by Zarri’s work, John introduced him to Salim Salami, a downtown Los Angeles jeweler.

Upon meeting Salim in his Casablanca office, Zarri immediately felt a strong connection. They had a quality interaction, discussing Zarri’s age and stage name. Salim was intrigued by Zarri’s talent and asked if he could freestyle for him. Zarri did an awesome freestyle and Salim was thrilled. This meeting led to a life-changing opportunity for Zarri, as Salim invited him to stay in Los Angeles and work together on his music project.

What was originally meant to be a couple of weeks of vacation turned into a year-long collaborative journey between Zarri and Salim. They dedicated countless hours to study sessions, events and building relationships, slowly creating their own platform. Although the process was long and arduous, Zarri and Salim made significant progress, and their partnership with John and the support of Rich Vagos played a crucial role in Zarri’s development as an artist.

Zarri’s talent and versatility became even more evident through his collaborations with artists and producers such as Krizous, Jayrick, Gera MX and Milk Man. His collaboration with Jayrick on the album Noche Eterna marked his official debut in the industry. Zarri’s presence was also felt on the Rich Vagos Mixtape Volume 2, where he participated on multiple tracks, including his own solo songs.

One of his tracks, “Cadillac,” has already garnered close to one million plays on Spotify, demonstrating his growing popularity and appeal. In an impressive milestone, Zarri was a special guest to perform alongside Gera MX at the highly-anticipated Dreams 2023 Festival in Chicago. His debut single surpassed 100,000 plays in less than a week, further cementing his position as a rising star.

Zarri’s interests go beyond music to include design and fashion. With an eye for aesthetics, he enjoys creating visually pleasing works of art. Zarri’s wide variety of skills adds depth to her art, allowing her to express her creativity through various mediums.

Reflecting on his career, Zarri recalls his fateful meeting with Gera MX, a pivotal moment that would shape his career. Their first meeting in Los Angeles, facilitated by Salim Salami, laid the groundwork for what would become a lasting friendship and collaboration. Together, they embarked on studio sessions, outings and events, solidifying their bond and paving the way for collaboration under the Rich Vagos label. For Zarri, music is a vehicle to convey his emotions, experiences and struggles as a human being. Through his music, he aims to reach out to others, offering comfort and understanding, reminding them that it’s okay not to be okay.

While Zarri’s current success is undoubtedly remarkable, he envisions a future that goes far beyond his current accomplishments. He dreams of international tours and concerts, of creating his own brand of clothing and merchandising, and even launching his own record label. Zarri’s unwavering commitment to his craft and his persistent pursuit of new horizons promise a future full of innovation and creativity.

As Zarri continues to carve his path in the music industry, his unique storytelling ability sets him apart. He defies convention with every lyric and continues to win over fans from all over Mexico and the world. Stay tuned as this talented artist continues to make his mark in the music world, supported by the strong alliance between Zarri, Salim Salami, John Marin and the Rich Vagos label.

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Written by Celeb Secrets Staff

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