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Hulu’s “Tell Me Lies” Cast Opens Up About Their Addicting New Series And Working with Emma Roberts (Exclusive)

“I was really happy with how all of the episodes turned out,” executive producer Meaghan Oppenheimer tells Celeb Secrets.

Tell Me Lies -- “Lightning Strikes” - Episode 101 -- Lucy starts her freshman year at Baird College, where an unexpected turn of events during Welcome Week flips her life upside down. Pippa (Sonia Mena), Lucy (Grace Van Patten), Stephen (Jackson White), Evan (Branden Cook), Bree (Catherine Missal) and Wrigley (Spencer House), shown. (Photo by: Josh Stringer/Hulu)

Hulu‘s new series Tell Me Lies is a finger-biting drama, based on a bestselling novel by Carola Lovering. The binge-worthy show follows an intoxicating relationship, that TV junkies will naturally become obsessed or irritated with – we will let you decide.

The 10-episode streaming series follows the characters Stephen DeMarco [Jack White] and Lucy Albright’s [Grace Van Patten] romantic relationship. The two first cross paths during their freshman year at Baird College, but the captivating narrative unfolds over eight years. At first, the young lovebirds find themselves in the honeymoon stage head-over-heels in love. The steamy chemistry between Lucy and the upperclassman heartthrob is destined to transcend through the TV screen. Despite Stephen’s dark side and the excessive red flags, they both make poor decisions that lead to sticky consequences.

Patten plays an independent twenty-something-year-old pleasantly pleased to be far from her hometown. DeMarco’s mother is recently divorced and fixated on her ex-husband’s love life – placing her children in an uneasy situation. Although the two drive the Emma Roberts-produced thriller, the supporting characters make Tell Me Lies the ultimate must-watch show this fall.

Executive producer and showrunner Meaghan Oppenheimer exclusively told Celeb Secrets what it was like to witness her vision become a reality.

“I was really happy with how all of the episodes turned out,” Oppenheimer said, full of excitement. “It’s a long process. I was in the edit for about two and a half weeks ish on each episode. Then you watch it all, and you sign off on it. I saw it all at once, and it was fun. I felt really excited about all the episodes,” she added.

She continued to explain what it was like to work closely with award-winning actress-producer Emma Roberts on the creative process.

“She’s a blast, I adore her. She is wildly intelligent with a great dark sense of humor,” she shared. “She has really good ideas, and for being so young, she is so accomplished and such a professional. I hope I get to do another project with her again soon. She’s amazing.”

The star-studded cast was quick to agree, as they all said that Roberts and Oppenheimer created a safe and supportive space on set. Sonia Mena, who plays “Pippa” noted that the group of creatives challenged each cast member to study their character.


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“We all got to have meetings to discuss our characters. Find out more about their backgrounds and a better sense of who they were before we started, which helped a lot for sure,” she explained. “You get a lot more of the side characters. It’s much more an ensemble piece, but you still get the big and juicy romance. I feel like there’s a lot more variety and diversity in the show,” Catherine Missal [Bree] added.

Tell Me Lies” episodes are slated to roll out every Wednesday on Hulu. Will you be watching the hit television series? Let us know by dropping a reaction below or tweeting us at @celebsecrets.

For more on Tell Me Lies, watch our full interview with the cast below:


Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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