Louis Tomlinson May Be Heading Into Acting? – We’ve Got The Scoop!

The One Direction singer could be going back to his fútbol days. Tomlinson is in the running to play Jamie Vardy in an upcoming movie about his life. Just four years ago, Vardy was playing non-league futbol and now he’s on the verge to winning the renowned Premier League title with the Foxs. The movie will highlight the story of Vardy of how he started the sport to making medical splints to becoming a futbol icon.

Back in 2013 Tomlinson played various reserve and charity games for the Doncaster Rovers, his childhood futbol club. Producer Andrian Butchart, a producer for the film told Sportsmail, said, “We are keen to shoot the movie as soon as possible, but we are now going to have to wait until after the Euros to know where the story ends as these unbelievable events continue to unfold. There are two things that seemed impossible a few weeks ago, Leicester to win the Premier League, and England to win the Euros. But with every match, fiction and reality seem to be coming together, the story keeps writing itself.”

Louis Tomlinson was always joking around and making his bandmates, as well as fans, laugh over the years so it’s no doubt he’s being sought after for an acting role. What are your thoughts on Louis Tomlinson breaking into acting? Let us know in the comments down below!


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