Monica Ten-Kate Talks ‘Monica the Medium’ Season Two & Reflects on Season One – Read Our Exclusive Q&A!

Monica Ten-Kate has a gift unlike any other – a gift to communicate with the dead.

During season one of Monica the Medium, we watched as Monica navigated her way through friendships, relationships, college courses and her uncommon vocation.

Now, Monica is back for a second season and along with that comes a new town, new school, new roommates, new boys and new spirits.

Celeb Secrets caught up with Monica to get the scoop on what we can expect from season two. In our interview, she talks about her permanent move to San Diego, her reactions looking back on season one and her amazing 20-lb weight loss – make sure to read our Q&A with Monica below!

On tonight’s season two premiere, Monica takes the plunge and moves to San Diego with her best friend Krista and her puppy Luna. When the girls arrive and settle into their new home, they head to MiraCosta College to look into enrolling in classes and enjoy a night out. Along the way, Monica stops to give some people a reassuring message from their departed loved ones.

The season two premiere of Monica the Medium airs Monday, April 25, 2016 at 10:00pm ET on Freeform.

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s episode below.

CS: You and Krista decided to move to San Diego. Can you tell us a little bit about the move?Monica Ten-Kate: “Honestly, I have always wanted to move out to Southern California, but I was living out in LA over the summer into the fall because I was doing press there for last season, and it just kind of confirmed everything that I had always kind of dreamed of and loved about Southern California, and I was like oh my god I don’t want to leave, and then I visited San Diego and I was like, no, I like San Diego more than LA (laughs), and I really just didn’t want to go back to Pennsylvania. I already knew, even from last year, that I didn’t necessarily want to stay any longer in State College. I just felt like I had kind of outgrown that at this point in my life, like I’d learned everything and I kind of went through everything I had to go through there. Not to mention I hate freezing cold whether (laughs). I was so over it, so I kind of just decided to take this leap of faith, and Krista and I had always talked about moving out together, so I was going to move, and she was like, you know what, I’ll do it too. It’s easier to move with your best friend when you don’t know anyone else, so we moved together and I regret nothing.”

CS: Were you kind of nervous about starting over? Trying to find new roommates who would accept your gift and new clients?

Monica Ten Kate: “I was not worried about trying to find clients necessarily because at this point I have people kind of all over that have reached out, so I wasn’t so much worried about that, but I definitely had a lot of anxiety about just starting over in a new city, in a new community, in a new place, where I had literally Luna my dog and Krista. I had no clue what I was going to expect and who I would meet or anything, so that was definitely what I was most nervous about, and yeah, the way that my roommates would accept me and my gift was a big kind of concern for me. You’ll see that pretty early on in the season, that kind of worry and what happens with all of that, but yeah, that was definitely a big thing I was anxious about.”

CS: Besides a new location, what else can fans of the show expect from the new season? 

Monica Ten-Kate: “They can see me working with other mediums. I end up going to a medium meet-up group. I do an event with James Van Praagh, a world-renowned medium. There’s more of a, I think, shedding light on the whole medium community and what this gift entails and how it really affects our lives and all of that. It gives a really good and different side of things as far as the work and what it’s like doing this work, and also, you see me mentoring somebody for the first time. Someone who is kind of coming into their gift and they’re just starting out and struggling with that the way that I was like, thinking what’s wrong with me, what’s going on, like a couple years ago. It’s kind of really cool thing to see that. There’s also some new dating, some new guys and a lot of fun things going on. It’s a really fresh feeling to the whole new season. Of course, we’re in a new place, but there’s a lot of new things as far as what we’re doing and the people that we’re around too, which is awesome.”

CS: Going back and watching the first season, is there anything you learned about yourself watching it? Any reactions you had to what you were doing?

Monica Ten-Kate: “Yes (laughs). Absolutely. I definitely I think now have grown so so so much as a medium, first and foremost, from watching back the show. For me, I’m like my biggest critic, in the way I interact with my clients and things like that. I just kind of noticed certain things, not like with the message coming through from spirit because I can’t really control that, but just like me as Monica. I was watching and I was like sometimes I get uncomfortable when something really sad comes up and I’ll like smile or I’ll laugh (laughs), so I was like I need to work on myself as far as, because I’m so used to it that I, I sometimes, I was watching back, I sometimes forget to be a little bit, not like I’m insensitive, but just be a little more aware of my face and what I’m saying, so that was my biggest thing, and just also the way I am with my roommates and sisters.”

CS: You tweeted recently that you were currently working on your first work. How’s the writing process going? What exactly do you have as a plan for the book?

Monica Ten-Kate: “Yes, so I’m in the very, very beginning stages of writing a book. I had tried to start like a year ago and was kind of so busy and overwhelmed with other things going that I just kind of put it on hold, but I just finally got started again. Right now, I’m in the process of the book proposal and I’m having different meetings with the publishers and things like that to try to get things all organized. It’s still very, very new. I know I’ve been called to kind of do this and share things that I’ve learned and experienced through my work as a medium, and from Spirit, with people in the form of writing because I do actually like to write. Folks don’t know that about me, but I enjoy it. I’m not saying I’m the best writer ever, and I’m probably going to need a very good editor, but I’m going to try to do a book without a ghostwriter. I really want to try to do this all on my own.”

CS: You also mentioned that you lost 20-lbs and you look amazing right now, so what inspired you to change up lifestyle and work on living a healthier life?

Monica Ten Kate: “Thank you. Well, it’s funny. I was going to include that in my last answer, but then I knew I was running out of time, but that was also was going to be one of those things I added to the question that you’re like what have you done differently since you watched season one, and honestly season one was a wake up call for me and my health, and I’m not encouraging girls to not love themselves or be confident or feel positive about themselves in their own bodies, by all means I want that, but watching the show, I saw myself constantly eating mozzarella sticks and like pizza, and I was like oh my god I can see it clearly, finally ,that I was not being very healthy and constantly drinking, you know, even with just lunch. It’s just things I could do better by cutting things out and start exercising. I didn’t exercise at all. I know the camera adds 10-lbs, but watching the show back opened my eyes to the fact I needed to lose weight, so I started working with a trainer and I completely changed my eating habits, and I feel better than ever, and I think a big part about being out in San Diego and Southern California has allowed me to do this. I feel like I have more motivation out here. It’s sunny all of the time. I can go outside. I can go running and biking. People out here are generally just a bit more active. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m very happy that I made that choice and that decision to make my health a priority now.”

CS: That’s great! So for people who haven’t tuned into your show yet, why should they watch? What would you say to them?

Monica Ten-Kate: “I would say that I feel people will love this show because you really get to, I feel like it caters to every generation, every age. Everybody can relate to something in this show whether you are a spiritual person yourself or have suffered loss on your own, obviously you’ll relate to the reading part of it, but if you’re a girl in high school or college going through dating or new roommates or college struggles or moving to a new city. Everybody can relate to something and that’s what I love about our show. It is a combination of everything that’s going on in my life, not just the readings, and I think that’s really kind of a special unique quality about the show. It’s just me being a 22-year-old girl, on top of being the medium, and everybody getting to see all of that. It brings a lot of healing, the readings part of it of course, and that’s really the biggest thing too.”

Photos: Sandy Huffaker/Freeform


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