Noah Kahan Sells Out Two Back to Back Shows at the Hollywood Bowl During We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour (Review)

Noah Kahan’s We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour is what it implies — never wanting to leave the musical world that he’s created for fans right at their seats.

The Grammy-nominated, Vermont-bred singer and songwriter has exploded from his New England roots into a global mainstream phenomenon, leaving fans wanting more after his “Stick Season” era during the pandemic.

Following the success of his Stick Season Tour in 2023, Kahan has joked about milking “Stick Season” and possibly staying on tour forever. Staying ~somewhat~ true to his word, Noah is bringing his latest headlining tour to 46 different markets this year, including two nights at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Celeb Secrets was one of the lucky ones to score a ticket to the show that was bound to be a beautiful yet vulnerable evening. Before the show, fans were able to explore The Busyhead Project Action Village, a mental health initiative Kahan has established where fans can connect with local mental health organizations, share a positive message to the The Busyhead Project Community Wall, and even prepare to vote with HeadCount.

Credit: Randall Michelson – Live Nation-Hewitt Silva

Prior to entering Kahan’s brilliant night and an insight to his life with his lyrics, opener John Vincent III set the tone of what was to come from the budding superstar. The 27-year-old folk singer sang some of his most popular hits like “Lover of Mine,” “In my Sheets,” and “Next to You.”

As we were sitting in our seats waiting for 9:00, the music cut and the lights dimmed, letting us know that the man of the hour was ready to hit the stage.

With a full moon as the backdrop, Noah donned his infamous braids paired with a white and blue suit, starting the night with an upbeat fan-favorite, “Dial Drunk,” setting the tone for the rest of the night as fans were chanting and yelling the lyrics back.

Letting us know he was ready to leave us “worse off” than when we came in, we immediately knew that we were in for a night of fun and self-depreciating jokes.

Credit: Randall Michelson – Live Nation-Hewitt Silva

Following some hits like “New Perspective” and “Everywhere, Everything” Kahan gave the audience a chance to sit down and enter his mother’s living room without “all the generational trauma.” Going back to his roots and getting intimate with songs like “Godlight,” the stage was filled with some of his childhood photos as if we were there in the room with him.

As we left the living room, we got to hear some more self-deprecating jokes and songs from Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), including “Your Needs, My Needs” and “Homesick.”

Credit: Randall Michelson – Live Nation-Hewitt Silva

Halfway through the show, Kahan made his way to the B-stage. Visibly out of breath, he joked with the crowd about how out of shape he was, but still wanted to show gratitude for his fans all the way in the back of the venue. Making his way back to the main stage, Noah continued to bless us with bop after bop by performing “Northern Attitude” with snow falling and “The View Between Villages” before revealing the big surprise he teased on X earlier in the day.

As an encore, Kahan sang his biggest hit that got him the recognition he has today, “Stick Season,” but with some extremely special guests — Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird. You could hear fans yelling, crying, and going absolutely insane as they sang one of his greatest hits, making it truly a night to remember.

Credit: Randall Michelson – Live Nation-Hewitt Silva

It takes an extremely talented person to not only play the Bowl, but keep the crowd fascinated for 90 minutes with no distractions, and Noah did just that! The folk-pop artist was not only able to perform all his hits from his latest album, as well as some songs from his previous albums and EPs, but sound better live than he does on record.

The 27-year-old is truly one of those new generational artists who not only are chronically online to share inside jokes so niche that only true fans will get or talk about, but is so openly honest with them that he feels more like a friend than an artist.

We can’t wait to see Noah continue to grow and ~milk~ more of “Stick Season.” We hope nothing more but a record, where all the artists he has brought out or he’s joined singing different versions of the same song. Please Noah, bless us with this gift!

You can catch Noah Kahan on his We’ll Be Here Forever Tour now at the rest of his North American run. For a full list of tour dates, click here.


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