Q&A: Getting to Know Lifestyle Influencers Carly & Chloe

Carly and Chloe Weinstein are taking over the Internet one post at a time.

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With over half a million combined followers on TikTok and counting, lifestyle influencers Carly & Chloe are two of the newest “it girls” you will want to follow!

These two content creators pride themselves on creating content that promotes confidence, self-love and positivity while also setting their own trends and sharing their fashion-sense with the world.

We spoke with Carly & Chloe to hear all about their rise to TikTok stardom, their upcoming plans, and how they have been keeping busy and staying motivated during quarantine! Check out our interview below. 

You can keep up with Carly & Chloe by giving them both a follow on Instagram at @carly_weinstein and @chloeweinsteinn

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Celeb Secrets: Thank you for chatting with us! for our readers who are just getting to know you, can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Carly: “I’m a 23-year-old social media manager living in NYC. When I’m not working with clients, I am passionate about inspiring young women to be the best versions of themselves! I am a fast-paced city girl at heart, but also love spending my downtime relaxing with family & friends.”

Chloe: “I am 17-years-old and currently a senior in high school. I am passionate about all things fashion & beauty, and have an unhealthy obsession with sneakers. Like Carly, I also love to spend time with family & friends, and am the social butterfly of the family!”

CS: What inspired you to start posting on social media and when did you first realize there were people supporting what you posted?

Carly: “I started a fashion blog back when I was 16 and had kept up with it ever since. After graduating college, I was doing research for clients and came across TikTok. At the same time, I saw Chloe using the platform and she inspired me to really try using it for my own brand. It took a few months for things to pick up, and was a slow and steady climb!”

Chloe: “During the summer of 2019 I started TikTok for fun because I saw other friends using the platform. Over the span of a month or two I saw that I was slowly gaining views and followers, which inspired me to continue posting.”

CS: What was your reaction to going viral and gaining followers?

Carly: “I was excited but immediately motivated to continue posting & reach even more people. I saw it as a challenge in a way.”

Chloe: “I was really excited and it felt good to have my videos being appreciated by others.”

CS: How have you been keeping yourselves inspired during quarantine? What advice can you give to anyone who feels uninspired during this time?

Carly & Chloe: “Working together keeps us inspired! Having a built-in best friend to bounce ideas off of is the best. We would advise anyone who feels uninspired to get together with like-minded people who want to create similar content as you.”

CS: What are you working on right now that fans should keep an eye out for?

Carly & Chloe: “Our YouTube channel is our priority right now! We love vlogging and creating fun and entertaining content together. Keep an eye out for new videos every Sunday on our channel.”

This is Celeb Secrets; can you share a secret talent that each of you has?

Carly: “I grew up as a competitive gymnast & can still do flips to this day!”

Chloe: “I am passionate about baking and am always in the kitchen making something new for my family and friends!”


Written by Celeb Secrets Staff

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