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CelebSecrets4U caught up with the guys fromIM5last weekend while they wee in town for theirFall Jamperformance in New York City.

Fall Jam is an all-day anti-bullying event hosted by Reality Dance. It features artists such asIM5andCoco Jonesand the biggest names from YouTube.

Reality Dance is a dance TV show that demonstrates that we can all put an end to bullying through constructive activities.

In our interview,Cole, Gabe, Will, Dana, and Daltonspoke about performing a duet withCoco Jones,working withDiamond White,*NSYNCreuniting, and what we can expect from their new music!

Check out the Q&A below…

CelebSecrets4U here with IM5–how are you guys today?

IM5: Were great–amazing! How are you?

Im great! So now were back in New York City and youre performing at Fall Jamcan you tell us a little about your performance today?

Gabe: Well, were doing about a thirty-minute set and we have a new a capella songits a mix of an *NSYNC song and a Justin Timberlake songyeah were just doing our new song, Me and This Girl, and all of our songs. So yeah, it should be cool.

Cool! So now I hear you are doing a duet with Coco Jones, can you tell me a little bit about that?

Dalton: Were doing Roar by Katy Perry. Its been awesome working with her cause shes amazing. Shes really good and we rehearsed it in one day, so it should be fun though.

Speaking of duets, I know you guys did a cover of Royals with Diamond White, and you did perform that at Girltopia, what was it like working with her?

Dana: Shes awesome! Well, Ithis is DanaIve known Diamond for I would say a year or two now, but it was awesome cause shes very relaxed, which we like.

Gabe: I remember my mom asked her cause they were scared to ask if she wanted to do it cause the mom was saying that supposedly she cant really do much, and then my mom was like, Let me just go ask. And she was like, Hey, do you wanna do a cover? and she was like, yeah, sure! Heres my card. And we started talking to her and thats how we got together and it was cool, yeah, shes super nice. Shes a lot of fun. We shot the video with her, we did the performance with her, so it was a great time.

Thats really cool! I actually watched the videoit was really good!

IM5: Thank you so much!

No problem! So I know you guys do covers every Tuesday. What can we expect from next Tuesday?

Will: Well, the next one is a medley of Drake, and the video is really, really cool. Shout out to Chris, who has been doing the past few videos. Hes actually Gabes friend, hes amazing. And for the ones coming up, were not a hundred percent surewe might record this little NSYNC/Justin Timberlake mashup kind of thing. We have some collaborations with people, so yeah. Just trying to come up with cool, fresh ideas to do that you dont really see too often.

So are you guys are big fans of NSYNC?

IM5: Yes!

Yeah, me too!

Will: Well, our first video was the NSYNC cover.

Yeah, I know! It was so good, I loved it!

IM5: Thank you, we appreciate it!

And [Cole] youre a big fan of Justin Timberlake, right?

Cole: Yeah!

Did you watch his VMA performance?

Cole: Yeah, we saw it a hundredwe saw it fifty times! Gabe was over at my house when it was on and I literally had, like, a breakdown.

Gabe:And I just kept rewinding it.

I was there at the show, and Im telling you

Cole: No! You were there!

I was there.

Cole: Im turning this interview off! Im done.

Gabe:I cant even imagine. Thats awesome.

It was so crazy. Right when the lights came down and then they came up, everyone was screaming. It was insane.

Dana: Well the thing about it is, did you hear JC trying to get his little solo moment at the end?

I know, I know, I didnt like that.

Gabe: [mock singing] But supposedly I heard Lance Bass said they might be doing another reunion? Thats what I heard, but well see. We just love them. Yeah, we love all boy bands.

Will, your tweets are hilarious. I follow you on Twitter. Where do you get the inspiration for those?

Will: Thank you so much! Well, Im just a very weird person, and everyone is always like, you steal those tweets from tumblr. No! I can be funny sometimes!

So whats next for you guys in the future?

Will: We are actually getting into a studio really, really soon and hope to have an official official single early next year. I mean, how long have we been saying that?

A long time!

Gabe: So, its actually officially happening!Now that we got signed were actually going to come out with a single thats going to be on iTunes, its going to be official!

–Yeah, cause what weve been putting out now, the past few years I guess, has just been online content to gain fans.

Dana: And we love the songs that weve done already, and our fans love them, but were just trying to step it up. Regarding performances and stuff, were actually going to be a part of a couple tours, and soits still up in the air but I think early next year were going to be touring a lot. We still have some shows to finish up at the end of the year, and yeah!

Cool! So now can you tell us anything about the sound!? Do you know anything about it?

Dana: Well, when we meet with different producers they all had their own vision of what they thinkbut we just had meetings with several people and one guy named Harmony, he made a very good point that music that lasts is very rhythmic. Its not too urban, its not too pop. Like, I think Michael Jackson, his music was very rhythmic, and Justin Bieber started out five years ago, and thats a pretty long time in music, honestly, and his music is very rhythmic, so thats why he stays around. So were just going to keep that in mind.

Photo: Jozie Schroder/CelebSecrets4U

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