Nickelodeon + NFL Give Fans An Inside Look At Super Bowl 50 – Check Out Our Recap! #NickSB50 (@NickelodeonTV)

photo source: @NickelodeonTV (Twitter)

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner and everyone, including your favorite Nickelodeon stars, have been gearing up for kick off!

Nickelodeon has teamed up with the NFL (National Football League) to give kids and their family members an exclusively sneak peek of what to expect from this year’s milestone Super Bowl 50 as well as specially produced coverage leading up to the Big Game. The last few days have been jam-packed with so much NFL-themed fun, we hate to see it come to an end. But before tonight’s big finale, let’s tackle the highlights from the “Nickelodeon at Super Bowl Week” event!

 1. Brec Bassinger, Coy Stewart and Pick Boy Are The Best Commentators

Our two favorite stars from Bella and The Bulldogs Brec Bassinger (Bella) and Coy Stewart (Troy) and the net’s longtime Super Bowl staple Pick Boy have been our on-the-ground reporters for this weekly event. Their daily reports have kept us all up to date on the Nickelodeon meets NFL experience. Their festive shenanigans and on-point reporting just proves how well these two work together both on and off-screen.

 2. Flo Rida Brings Down The House With Super Bowl-themed Video

Multi-platinum recording artist Flo Rida debuted his brand new  music video for “My House”  that he created specifically for this week! The Nick-ified video featured a catchy tune with many familiar faces from our favorite 90’s Nickelodeon cartoons that had us feeling nostalgic as well as pumped up for the gridiron action!

3. 50 Years of Football’s Best Fumbles

NFL RUSH presented FOLLIES vol. 4 which featured the best fumbles and foul-ups in football over the last 50 years. In addition to the hilarious football flubs, the presentation also included the top 10 Super Bowl Moments and an inside look at what fans can expect tomorrow!

photo source: @NickelodeonTV (Twitter)
Bella and The Bulldogs’ Brec Bassinger and Coy Stewart. (photo source: @NickelodeonTV – Twitter)

Don’t miss tonight’s finale event: the NFL FLAG Championships. The hour-long feature with include sideline reports from Alex Flanagan and Game Shakers’ very own Kel Mitchell (Double G), an amazing performance by Isabela Moner (CJ Martin on 100 Things to do Before High School) and highlights from the final FLAG games. It all begins Saturday, February 6th at 6 pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons!